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    Johnny Fiama Avatar Please...

    Can someone make me a nice Johnny Avatar with a transparent...THANKS
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    Okay, We have a couple of Canadian Puppeteers here now and Hey why not start a little group right here...or somewhere else...What d'you fellow Canadians think?
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    Electric Mayhem Figures

    Which Electric Mayhem Figures have been released and in what series or sets are they in? :D :cool: :flirt: :sing:
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    Muppets Tonight episodes for trade

    I now have almost every episode execpt these ones: s01e02 - Martin Short s01e04 - Paula Abdul s01e05 - Garth Brooks s02e04 - Andie MacDowell <<<<Incomplete I will trade all episodes I have for the Jim Henson Hour. I don't know if I can pay for shipping...So you might have to pay for that...
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    Is Sesame Street Unpaved airing at all this week I checked on one of my receivers and it says it isn't. So is the info right or wrong? Is it not going to air?
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    Sesame Street Episode 1

    When was the last time this episode aired on Noggin?
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    Another Episode Number Question

    Hi Again. Once again I need to know what episode this is: Highlights of this episode: 1991 2 Tourists come to Sesame Street and Bother everyone by being too nice. The Count sings Batty Bat Ernie and a whole mess of muppets including Kermit sing 'Do De Rubber Duck' Elmo talks to Whoopie...
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    Which Episode Number is This?

    :o Hey Everyone, I really need to find out which episode was the episode where Oscar turns into Prince Charming and His mom is coming to visit. For any of you that can answer this THANKS! VC.
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    Sesame Street Unpaved on Noggin

    Hi Everyone, I missed SS Unpaved this morning would anyone happen to know what episode it was? Thanks. From V.C.
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    TV Appearances Needed

    Hey Everyone, If you anyone has or can capture TV Appearances of The Muppets Please reply. It will be greatly appreciated.