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  1. kathy26

    Who Appeared in Diana Ross's Closing number

    I Know Fozzie was in it as well as Kermit,Gonzo,Scooter,Piggy but who else was in the Reach Out and Touch Finale with Diana Ross
  2. kathy26

    Phyllis Diller TMS

    Who appeared in the nightclub skit Besides Rowlf and Phylllis Diller?
  3. kathy26

    Animal in Geico Commercial

  4. kathy26

    Two Flowers

    i was looking the sesame street video Imagine That with Telly and Zoe and notice in the We Hate The Rain song Stinky was backed up 2 flowers were these the flowers that appear in That's How I Got Here
  5. kathy26

    Muppet Show skit on Saturday Night Live on May 15, 2021

    Check out what SNL did last night.
  6. kathy26

    Songs the Muppets SHOULD have covered (Part 2)

    I love listening to music on YouTube and I heard 3 of these songs from Harry Chapin
  7. kathy26

    Steven And Friends:Something to Do

    Here's Something Me and Dominic wrote together in the conversations it's based on the show pee wee's playhouse it's called Steven and friends with the muppets and here it is Steven And Friends:Something to Do Secret Word: Do Ch. 1 Steven: Hi Gonzo like to know what today's secret word Is...
  8. kathy26

    Who appeared in Lesley Ann Warren's Closing Number

    Quick Question I was watching the Closing Number of Lesley Ann Warren and Link singing Last Dance and I have to know who join her at the end I saw 2 koozebaines,and Annie Sue but who else was in it cause I thought I saw Floyd Pepper there as well
  9. kathy26

    Old McDonald's Health Farm

    As You Know I been watching a Sesame Street News Flash where Kermit is Interviewing Old McDonald and his health farm for his animals and I know Jim is Doing Kermit and Richard is Old Mcdonald but I forgot who the animals the other performers are doing I can't remember them
  10. kathy26


    I'm Watching the Street Scenes for Season 23 episode CinderTelly and I know Martin is Telly,and David is Flo Bear but who were the other characters in it and I know that Joey wrote this episode and did Whamo the Rental Magician
  11. kathy26

    Classic Movie Help

    I'm A Classic Movie Buff and I need some help identifying old movies like this one Can Anybody Identify those 2 movies
  12. kathy26

    Video: Kermit on The Tonight Show January 7, 2019

    Surprised nobody saw this.
  13. kathy26

    TMS Outline by kathy26:Robert Pattinson

    here is the muppet show that me and Dominicboo1 created here it is "It's the New Muppet Show with our very special guest star Robert Pattinson! YAYYY!!! SPECIAL GUEST STAR:ROBERT PATTINSON COLD OPENING: Scooter Comes In Scooter:Robert Pattinson! 15 seconds to cutain Mr. Pattinson...
  14. kathy26

    TMS Outline:Frank Sintara

    here is my second outline with Frank Sintara i want to give thanks to Gorgon Heap for helping me with it so for your approval here it is TMS Outline:Frank Sintara Style:Fifth Season (Circa Roger Moore Episode) ? Songs included in this episode are:Convoy,Strangers on a Train,Three Coins in the...
  15. kathy26

    TV Alert: Oscar the Grouch on The Ellen Show Tuesday January 10, 2017

    Oscar makes an appearance on the ellen show today here is the 2 minute video
  16. kathy26

    Video: Warburton's Muppet Show Commercial featuring the Muppets

    i don't know where i should posted this but the muppets did a commerical for Warburtons Giant Crumpets and it had a few muppets like Mahna Mahna,Nigel,Wayne,Wanda,Link,and Dr Strangepork did anybody see the video it was good
  17. kathy26

    Kermit on The View April 21 2015

    since no one mention it I guess i will be me that i will start it did anybody see Kermit's quick appearance on the view two days ago he was talking about the discovery of the new frog that looks like him I watched it today and it was awesome
  18. kathy26

    TMS Outline:Tom Hanks

    here is my first muppet show outline I want to thank fozzieisfunny he helped me with the script so here it is Cold Opening: Scooter: Tom Hanks, fifteen seconds to curtain, Mr. Hanks! Tom Hanks: Are you sure I'll feel comfortable, Scooter? Scooter: Sure, here's Comfortable. ( A Muppet named...
  19. kathy26

    Phyllis Diller Goodnights

    on the Phyllis Diller Show they say that the green alien from the Hugga Wugga number appear in the goodnights I keep watching the goodnight and I couldn't find him was he on the left side or the right side?