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  1. Crazy Harry

    Disney Characters statues

    For those that haven't been to a Disney park in some time, they sell large, marquette like statues of there cartoon characters. I recently saw one at DCA of Kermit in his classic sitting on a log playing the banjo pose. As an added touch, his entire body (the green parts anyway) is covered in in...
  2. Crazy Harry

    My webcomic with special guest

    I was wondering when I would get the chance to force my site on you. Now seems like a good time, as one of our favorite characters is making a guest apperence. As you can see, we had to go through some extreams to get him to agree.
  3. Crazy Harry

    Cast of Avenue Q on Regis and Kelly June 21

    The title says it all. I think it's on Monday. Someone pass the word down to Toughpigs if they don't already know. I can't get on their forum for some dumb reason.
  4. Crazy Harry

    Stop the FCC "Fed up with the government deciding what you can watch, read and listen to? In addition to tighter definitions of "indecency" and higher fines for broadcasters, the FCC is also talking about regulating cable and satellite broadcasts."
  5. Crazy Harry

    Darkwing fans with ToonDisney

    According to Toonzone, DD won an official online poll and will be given a marathon that features episodes 1-13 airing on Feb 5 at 6pm. Those who don't have the channel can at least be glad that a good number of kids do have good taste.
  6. Crazy Harry

    UK Toyfair photos Series 9 and the backstage playset are only shown in diagrams, but it's still good. Thanks to Ham Salad from the Palisades board for being the first to point this out.
  7. Crazy Harry

    For those who missed it

    This is for those of you who don't visit the Palisades forum (Why don't you?) Muppaphones: There will only be six, but Ken won't say which was dumped/ Gonzo heads Johnny with album cover; The decapitated head is the color they might go with. Smollet and Polly in package Robin in package...
  8. Crazy Harry

    Rhyming Song

    "The redhead bein' fed bread on his sled made of lead as he sped to be wed, but he fled out instead up to set in his bed and he said...." Now I can't stop thinking about his number. Can anyone tell me how the entire thing goes?
  9. Crazy Harry

    Kermit on CBS Monday morning

    I was just flipping through the channels this morning and saw the CBS morning show (the name escapes me) saying that Kermit will be appearing this Monday between 5 and 7 am. Who here thinks they'll be up that early?
  10. Crazy Harry

    Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day

    Avast ye fans of Muppets, today be the day when we all talk like the scorge (sp?) of the sea. Arg!
  11. Crazy Harry

    The last two busts have been revealed.

    Groupshot This is the only photo at the moment, but you get a good look at them.
  12. Crazy Harry

    You know you'll miss me.

    This Sunday, the whole family's going on a cross country road trip. Will we come near you're area? Who knows? I'll be gone until mid next month. Crazy:crazy:Chris
  13. Crazy Harry

    Trailer for Looney Tunes; BIA

    View trailer This movie was brought up several time in the "Bill's voicing Garfield" tread. What's everyone's opinion so far? Crazy:crazy:Chris
  14. Crazy Harry

    We have Clifford

    You will click here now.
  15. Crazy Harry

    I don't get it.

    In the latest Playing With Dolls he's so determined to use a bunch of Fozzie dolls to keep her from using all his other stuff. What is the joke here? Crazy:crazy:Chris
  16. Crazy Harry

    Guess Series 7

    That's right! It's time to play the newest game that's been sweaping the Muppet Central forum becuase Phil is too cheap to hire a janitor. The rules are as simple as the title. Just guess what you think the line up for Jim Henson's Muppets Series Seven will be. Here's a bit of a break down that...
  17. Crazy Harry

    And I'm going...

    I'm leaving for San Diago for the weekend later today. Bye!
  18. Crazy Harry

    Before they were stars

    The short talk on the Roger Robit DVD thread about how some toons might have been around long before they got their big break got me thinking. If some of the modern Muppets were working for JHC before they were first seen one TV or movies, what were they doing? Example, Pepe and Seymore might...
  19. Crazy Harry

    Peace, Man

    I've noticed that Warrik and Scarecrow have the peace simble in thier avatars. Are they making the same statments or is there something going on I don't know about? Crazy:crazy:Chris
  20. Crazy Harry

    If you had to drop one

    Say Sideshow had put you in charge of the Muppet series of busts. Which one of the current characters chosen would you drop from the lineup to make room for Floyd? My vote's for Link. 1. He looks kind out of place without the rest of the Swinetrek crew. 2. Practically everyone seems to be...