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  1. Natalie

    Miss Piggy on Tony Danza Show

    I don't know if this was an old episode or not but Miss Piggy was just on the Tony Danza show. I didn't catch all of it unfortunately. I would like to know however who the heck Miss Piggy's stylist is these days. :mad: About a year back or something she was on Live with Regis and Kelly in...
  2. Natalie

    What is Your Race and Religion?

    wow I haven't been to this site in forever I'm a white atheist American (and other stuff but I've had relatives here for over 200 years so yeah).
  3. Natalie


    Bienvenidos a Muppet Central monimup! Lo siento pero al parecer que nadie mucho en este 'website' (como se dice?) hablan espanol muy bien. Mi espanol es muy pobre tambien. Hable mucho ingles? Donde vive en Mexico? Fui a Acapulco con mi familia este verano pasado. Fue muy divertido. Quiero...
  4. Natalie

    Off to college!

    Um...why didn't you just write me an e-mail?
  5. Natalie

    Fantasy wedding

    Hey where's the funeral thread at? I need to post in that one since I've thought a lot more about a fantasy funeral than a fantasy wedding. That doesn't sound very good though does it?
  6. Natalie

    Off to college!

    Hey again everybody! Thanks Matt for typing that for me (and I didn't wake you up! you were up!). Yeah, this internet being down has been driving all of us crazy. You never know how much you miss something til it's gone. Right now anyway it's working fine, but we'll see how long that...
  7. Natalie

    Off to college!

    Hey all, Just thought you'd like to know I'm leaving tomorrow to drive (yes drive) to NYC!! I just finished packing, I have sooo much stuff. It better all fit in the little dorm! I'll be going to college there for the next four years, but I have to keep coming back home to lovely central...
  8. Natalie

    Power out across East Coast and Canada

    So is the power starting to come back on in these places? I haven't heard much yet. I'd especially like to know about NYC since I'll be moving there in a week!
  9. Natalie

    Miss Piggy on Hollywood Squares May 12-16

    I'm pretty sure "Blondes Have More Fun" is on all week, I've watched two already. Right up our alley ay Sarah? ;) Miss Piggy has had some funnier comments than most of the ladies. And in the intro her hair is straight but on the show I've seen it curly.
  10. Natalie

    Grover's revenge?

    LOL, which one was that from?
  11. Natalie

    Enter the Labyrinth (Role Play 10th July 2003)

    Shouldn't we see if the rat is home first?
  12. Natalie

    Any big plans for next year?

    Hey I like this new thread subject, but can we get back to the old one in case people want to post about that? And yes, I'm back in town again
  13. Natalie

    Any big plans for next year?

    Yeah! You didn't know that?!
  14. Natalie

    Enter the Labyrinth (Role Play 10th July 2003)

  15. Natalie


    Oops, I mean cotton candy! I just realized that. But I couldn't eat it all the time, it would make me sick :p
  16. Natalie


    1. FAVORITE SHOES? I guess my black stilleto boots, and my poodle slippers 2. WHAT COLOR PANTS ARE YOU WEARING? tight gray sweatpants with pink stripes on the sides 3. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? nothing, just the computer 4. WHAT ARE THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR PHONE NUMBER...
  17. Natalie

    Sesame characters on the home page

    I love the new picture on the home page with the street characters looking cute by the pool! Just needed to say that. :D
  18. Natalie

    Leaving on a jet plane (almost)

    Welcome back! When are you going to start the role play again? I maybe shouldn't have started when I did because I'm leaving on Friday and won't be back until Tuesday. Oh well, just go on without me.
  19. Natalie

    Roger Rabbit Ride At Disneyland

    Oooooh! Ok, I get it now! (I think)
  20. Natalie

    How annoying is it...

    I agree with you Sarah. And...this is getting annoying... :eek: