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    The Sesame Street Encyclopedia

    3 and a half years ago, Warrick and I started the Sesame Street Encyclopedia. We, and a lot of other fans, missed a good Sesame Street character index on the internet, so we started a site, where Muppet fans could contribute their Sesame Street knowledge. It's been quite a success, we still have...
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    What's the deal about Cousin Monster

    I want this case closed forever: that little monster, related to Cookie, who doesn't like cookies, but eats Ernie's vegetables, is that Cousin Monster or Cookie's sister?
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    Miami Mice

    One small question. Miami Mice. Tito and JP. Who is who? Anyone?
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    SS Encyclopedia offline

    Due to bandwith problems we're offline at the moment. We will be back in September. Just to let you know.
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    Name questions

    Hi all, I have some skits in dutch, with characters of whom I don't know the name: 1 A SS news segment: Kermit visits the very first school on their very first schoolday. The teacher and three of the children have names. What are those names? 2 A skit about racism with Elmo, two blue male...
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    Mr. Otis

    I got an email from somebody who said that Lulu's Boyfriend'sBoyfriend.html is named Mr. Otis, and that he also appeared in the song "I'm Between". Can anyone confirm this?
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    SS Encyclopedia

    Expect some updates soon, dear SS fans.
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    Sesame Street Encyclopedia

    For people who don't know it yet, our new adress is A to P are already moved, but we're working on the rest. We hope to add more characters when we're finished moving. Thijs and Warrick
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    Sesame Street characters in "We are Family"

    Check this out:
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    Live365 preferred membership

    Is there somebody here who is a preferred member at Live 365. I'm thinking of becoming one, because I am a frequent listener of MC Radio. Does the audio quality really get better?
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    Happy Birthday Luke

    Have a :zany: birthday Luke ;) Let it be merry and muppety!
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    Who remembers these skits?

    I have the following skits in Dutch, but I need to know some names: - a girl has to carry some boxes inside the house but they are to heavy. Super Grover comes to help her. What's the name of that girl? - a young girl does some exercising (jumping up and down), and she tells the audience that...
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    Sesame Street Letter of the Day: E

    Not many characters start with the letter E, but the fact that two of those characters are the most popular characters ever makes it a important letter. On the following characters can be found: Ernestine: We don’t know her performer (Kevin Clash), neither her...
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    Henson icons for MSN 6.0 found

    Check for Henson icons you can use for MSN 6.0 Or you can make them yourself with photoshop ofcourse
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    Sesame Street Encyclopedia Letter of the Day: D

    Deedomdeedeedom, let’s see that precious letter, the letter D.Not many charcaters so far at the letter D. These 4 characters can already be found on ) Don Music: When did he disappear? Deena: When did she disappear? Dinger: Did the Dingers appear outside the...
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    Sesame Street Encyclopedia Letter of the Day: C

    We’ve received a lot of pics and bio’s the last few days. The ‘A’ and the ‘B’ are as complete as can be and we have added characters like The Alphabeats and Beautiful Day Monster. Now it’s time for that wonderful letter C: We already have these characters: (c means complete, but check if you...
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    The London pics are online!

    Here are the pics Warrick took on our Muppet-trip to London. There are pics of Jim Henson's bench, The Happiness Hotel, Lady Holiday's office and 'Highbrow Street' Take a look: Thijs (and Joggy and Warrick)
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    Sesame Street Encyclopedia Letter of the Day: B

    Because the A is such a boring letter on our Encyclopedia, let's take as soon as possible the most busy letter of them all, the B: We already have these characters: ((c) means the bio is complete, but check it on the site if you can add some facts if you like) Baby Bear: (c) Bad Bart...
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    Sesame Street Encyclopedia letter of the day: A

    Hi everybody, Warrick and I are busy updating the Sesame Street Encyclopedia. That means adding more and more characters, plus adding more information about the characters. And we are going to add a performers guide in the future, and maybe even an episode guide. There is only one big...
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    Sully picture needed for SS Encyclopedia

    We need a good picture (photo, not painted) wich we can use for the Sesame Street Encyclopedia of Sully. He is the only main character that is not represented on the site at the moment. You can send it to we would appreciate your help, Thijs and Warrick