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  1. CookieMonster

    Why is there no video section at Muppet Central?

    I was just wondering why in the world is there no video section at muppet central. I believe you should carry short clips from the muppets such as the Muppet Mastercard and Dennys commercials, The Muppet/Weezer music video and the behind the music special of it (which might i add that the...
  2. CookieMonster

    I Need a Picture

    Ok, I desperatly need a picture of the Jaws parody with Gonzo and Miss Piggy. The "schnoz" one. You know all know what im talking about, but my problem is that it has to be high quality and big. The one on MC is terrible quality and i can't use it. I'm also interested in the Schnoz T-Shirt...