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    Original script for Muppets From Space questions

    I don't remember if I ever made a thread of this or not but I've read that the script that Jerry Juhl wrote for Muppets From Space was quite different from what the movie became. One of the things I remember reading was there was going to be lots of moments spoofing famous sci-fi movies like ET...
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    Jim Henson briefly mentioned on Seth Speaks introduction CD

    I'm not sure if there's people on here who study Law of Attraction like I do, but I've been in study and in practice for a year and I recently came across a few months back that Jim Henson studied Law of Attraction through Seth Speaks. Jim mentioned enjoying the books from Jane Roberts in an...
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    I'm starting to get into Fraggle Rock

    As a Muppet / Jim Henson fan who grew up in the 1990s and until I finally got the DVD sets, I have to admit I haven't seen much Fraggle Rock. By the time I got Disney Channel (mainly to see season 2 of Muppets Tonight) the Fraggle Rock reruns no longer played on the channel. I did have all the...
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    How does Traveling Matt mail postcards

    I was just thinking while Traveling Matt is exploring Outer Space knowing nothing about the culture of the Silly Creatures, how would he know how to purchase a postcard without money and same goes with mailing it out. Also how does he know Doc's address? I'm watching my boxset of the first...
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    Jim Henson: The Biography cover Did anyone see this? It's like the apple poster that I have on my wall but Ernie being cropped out of the picture. Early Mid 70s I'm guessing.
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    Herry Monster's Boxer Shorts

    I've noticed in illustrated book appearances he wears boxers but on screen there was never a full bodied version of Herry. When was the boxer shorts added to him?
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    Satirical elements in MuppeTelevision from The Jim Henson Hour

    One of the things that I've noticed was on MuppeTelevision on The Jim Henson Hour unlike The Muppet Show, this one had more of a satirical element to it which I found quite interesting. For example in Dog City, there's several mentions of "senseless violence" which was lampooning violence in the...
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    History of Adult Puppetry

    I would like to study more of the history of adult puppetry and political satire of puppetry from centuries ago before communication media, like theater puppetry in Europe and the United Kingdom. As an admirer of the artform, I've been getting more and more interested in the origins of satire...
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    Looking for an Ernie and Bert Interview clip

    I think it was from a prime time talk show from Australia or the UK, I think it was made at least the early 2000s. The host talks with Ernie (Steve Whitmire) and Bert (Frank Oz) and all I can remember was Ernie turns to Bert and says "Bert, does this shirt make me look fat?" and Bert replies "No...
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    Puppet Props

    I wasn't sure where to post this because it's a combination of Puppet building, Classic Sesame Street and The Muppets. Basically, how where the Muppet props built. All I can think of is foam but a lot of the props that were used from a log to a prop in a characters hand like a telephone or...
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    Who painted the city backgrounds on Classic Sesame Street

    I'm just curious because there has been some really nice backgrounds on some of the sketches. And I'm really fascinated on how they are really well done. From what I've noticed, the paintings in the background seem to be painted on some sort of fabric. I think it's also a Technic that was...
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    CGI characters on Sesame Street

    I noticed on the current episodes, there's more CGI characters. Is The Jim Henson Creature Shop creating that with the Henson Digital Puppetry System they've created (like what's used in Sid the Science Kid) or is it a different company that's doing all that.
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    Was Scred from SNL an influence for The Skeksis?

    I know that it was Brain Froud that inspired the look for The Dark Crystal though I'm not sure if it fully inspired Dark Crystal or if Jim Henson came up with the idea for the movie before he discovered the work of Brian Froud or not. Though I know that Jim came up with the original story...
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    Sesame Streets current target audience question

    I don't remember if I've asked this before, but has the target audience changed to a more younger audience? And if so, when did this change take effect and why? I've heard somewhere that the target audience changed to a more younger audience when Elmo was getting popular.
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    Tinseltown question

    Is Tinseltown's Bobby Vegan an evolved version of Muppets Tonight's Howard Tubman?
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    How popular was Fraggle Rock at it's time

    Being a huge Muppet / Jim Henson fan growing up in the 90s, now in my mid 20s I'm starting to learn more and more about Fraggle Rock. Unlike The Muppet Show, Muppets Tonight and Sesame Street which I seen regularly, Fraggle Rock didn't rerun in regular cable. I do remember seeing a little bit of...
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    Need Info on 1980's Muppet Posters

    I have two Muppet mini posters in frames, my mother got them in a yard sale awhile back and I tried to look them up on Muppet Wiki but couldn't find any information on them. The first one is Miss Piggy Dinning with Kermit on a roof top which is attracted to a New York luxury apartment with a lot...
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    The Wubbulous World of Dr. Suess Questions

    I'm a big fan of the show. I remember watching it every Sunday night about about 7:30pm or so on Nickelodeon. It was quite unite with the combination of puppetry and chroma key graphic backgrounds through out. Even though some of the graphics looks a bit primitive compaired to todays standards...
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    Muppets Inc., Henson Associates and Jim Henson Productions

    I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to have this thread but I figure I put it here mainly because it's related to Sesame Street. I noticed this for a long time. Usually Muppets Inc. was the name for the company until the mid 1970s when it became Henson Associates, and by 1989 it became...
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    Frank Oz's new movie starring Billy Crystal

    Anyone hear about this? I didn't see a thread started so I figure I make one. I heard it's going to be called "Winter's Discontent". I can't wait to see this as well as the new Muppet movie. :) I heard it was announced at Cannes Film Festival.