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  1. Blue Frackle

    My DST orchestra pit

  2. Blue Frackle

    Looking to buy DST Robin

    If you're interested in selling, DM me. Crap, forgot there was a BS&T section... @Phillip, feel free to move.
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    Trying to remember the name of an old PBS show

    This came to me as I was on Discord yesterday and I asked on the Lost Media Wiki and TOMT reddit but no one has been able to help me so far (which I find to be unbelievable because to me it was a pretty common show that they even showed in school once or twice)... simple Google searches won't...
  4. Blue Frackle

    Crazy Harry speaking roles

    How much did he actually speak beyond "Did somebody say _____"? And wasn't that more of John Lovelady thing? Was this the most he ever spoke? I love how he says "numbah" lol.
  5. Blue Frackle

    Custom Jim figure

  6. Blue Frackle

    New Muppet Babies figures

    My brother sent me this picture at Target... decent articulation... who could complain at $5 a pop? Looks like they could scale well with Palisades/Diamond.
  7. Blue Frackle

    Haven't been able to view site banner/videos in threads for about a week

    Safari/Google Chrome Mac... only me?
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    Two-Headed Monster/unpainted Guy Smiley + more prototypes for sale

    Okay, this is pretty intense: They're being sold on a Facebook page, so the best I can do is show you this screencap my brother sent me... $1,200 for just the Two-Headed Monster which he bought for 200 off eBay when Palisades went out of business ten years ago. So somewhere out there someone...
  9. Blue Frackle

    Electric Mayhem posers at the Muppet Studios gift shop

    This is totally something I would've geeked out over as a kid going to Disney World, but alas, they didn't really have anything like this. Apparently these are a relic of the '90s, used as standees in the queue of "Here Come the Muppets". As for the second half of the video, I can see why Jim...
  10. Blue Frackle

    A Sesame Street Thanksgiving Calendar Photo from 1974

    Really didn't know where to post this, but this thread is as good as any. Really nice photo I found on instagram:
  11. Blue Frackle

    Is today's Sesame Street still funny?

    I watch some of these of these old skits, and they are absolutely hysterical; on par with the golden age of The Simpsons. How hilarious was Ernie drawing the five legs on the dog? The kids learn, while the parents get a chuckle. Like Ernie was an A-hole... he was just drawing five legs on...
  12. Blue Frackle

    That beautiful Rainbow Connection reprise from "The Muppet Movie"

    Was the background for this ever officially released isolated?
  13. Blue Frackle

    What a steal!

    Look at all this stuff! It probably sold so modestly because it was title poorly.
  14. Blue Frackle

    Lost PBS Kids indents (early 2000s)

    I think this is the right section for this??? I am doing this because there is someone on the Lost Media Wiki who really wants to see these PBS Kids bumpers circa early-2000s. Here's the thread: I felt like this would...
  15. Blue Frackle

    Jim's Wikipedia page

    Was Jim really a songwriter and musician? I think singer is more apt, which isn't even listed under his occupations.
  16. Blue Frackle

    How many Muppet characters are there in MC's top banner?

    How many different Muppet characters can be generated in the site banner at the top?
  17. Blue Frackle

    Songs that remind you of SST/The Muppets

    The harmonica solo in this song (1:31) really reminds me of Sesame Street circa late '90s early 2000's? Wasn't there like some harmonica thing in the end credits? Burt Bacharach = Joe Raposo
  18. Blue Frackle

    The evolution of Telly

    So here's Telly's debut. Did he make any more appearances as this deranged TV maniac, or did he just become normal Telly in a following episode, or do we not know?
  19. Blue Frackle

    Jim & Frank on Orson Welles' unaired pilot

    This used to be on the Henson Rarities YouTube channel, which unfortunately has been terminated, but the video itself held a copyright issue of its own; anyone have this?