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  1. electricmayhem

    Muppet AIM Icons

    I don't know if this has been posted already but I thought I would just in case. I go to Original Icons alot to get my Aim icons and this time I found a bunch of Muppets and Fraggle Rock ones that I think are new because I know I would have seen them before:) Aim Icons The Fraggle Rock...
  2. electricmayhem

    Global Sesame Street question

    Hi guys, I've got a favor to ask! I'm in a Intro to Television class this semester and next week I have to give a presentation on World Views: Global Television. I'd like to incorporate some things about Sesame Street since it's seen in so many other countries-especially about countries that...
  3. electricmayhem

    Miss Piggy in People

    I was flipping through the new "Best and Worst Dressed" issue of People and I came across Miss Piggy featured on a "Best of" page. They said something like "Miss Piggy is always stylish". I she's probably very happy about that:)
  4. electricmayhem

    Bye for now

    I'm leaving for Disney World tomorrow until Thursday so I just wanted to tell everyone to have a great week! Bye :D :)
  5. electricmayhem

    Don't Forget Torrid

    I know Torrid has been mentioned before but I thought I'd post some of the excellent stuff I found their yesterday! I've never been to a Torrid store before because there's not one near by but yesterday I found one and I loved it! First off, it was nice to have the bigger sizes that I won't be...
  6. electricmayhem

    Dark Crystal at hot topic

    Just perusing the their website and I came across these: :)
  7. electricmayhem

    The Curse of Monkey Island

    So has anyone else played this great and hilarious computer game? It's just about one of the funnest computer games ever. My brother and I were looking up some stuff about it and we came across this fun "what's my pirate name" quiz. I thought I'd post it here because you should all take it and...
  8. electricmayhem

    Any Wisconsinites going to Summerfest?

    I'm not sure how many other people here are from WI or nearby but I was just wondering if anyone was heading to Summerfest at all. I'm working there one day at an info booth and I was going to go see the Moody Blues too. :excited: Anyone else?
  9. electricmayhem

    Muppets on SNL

    I was just wondering if anyone knew what episodes of SNL that the Muppets appeared on? I've only seen the Elliot Gould one and I would like to keep an eye out for the others. I'd greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me:) Thank you much:zany:
  10. electricmayhem

    Vomiting Kermit on Conan

    Did anyone else just see that? The Vomiting Kermit Mascot? Oh Conan, what will you not think of:) :smirk: ;) :p
  11. electricmayhem

    and for Luke at hot topic

  12. electricmayhem

    Dark Crystal at Hot

    I haven't seen this at any actual store but it's on their online store:
  13. electricmayhem

    Get Fuzzy

    Ok, thanks to Matt, I can post this comic!:) Yay, thank you Matt!:D
  14. electricmayhem

    I just saw Rent!

    I just saw the ontour Rent production and it was sooooo good! I really loved it! At the beginning, I didn't think I'd like it that much but by the end, my friends and I were crying and so sad that it was over! Even if we had slightly obstructed view seats, it was totally worth it! :D :) :D :)...
  15. electricmayhem

    Peanut butter and crayons

    I see there's a lot of threads about the animated sketchs and I was just wondering what everyone's favorite live action sketch was. I personally loved the peanut butter and crayon making ones!
  16. electricmayhem


    I know there are a lot of theater people on here and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good monologues for me. I'm looking through a Neil Simon monologue book right now and there are some good ones but nothing is jumping out at me. I'd really appreciate any suggestions! Thanks:)...
  17. electricmayhem

    College Students

    While we were waiting around for the cake tonight, we decided we needed a college students thread so here it is!
  18. electricmayhem

    Reality TV

    So is anyone else here hopelessly hooked on reality tv shows? Or am I the only one and now you're all going to endlessly shun and mock me? Anyway, as Im watching A Makeover Story and am thinking about getting my homework done so I can watch American Idol tonight, I was just wondering what...
  19. electricmayhem

    Muppets in the Onion, Funny!!

    Ok, I didn't know where else to post this. Anyway, I read this in my school's satirical newspaper, it's pretty funny!!
  20. electricmayhem

    Fraggle Rock at Hot Topic!

    I was just at Hot Topic and to my suprise I found three different Fraggle Rock shirts! One had all 5 fraggles, one had Red and Wembley, and one had Boober. They're really cool!!:D