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    World of Jim Henson VHS on EBAY

    "World of Jim Henson" Video up on ebay.
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    World of Jim Henson VHS on EBAY

    The VHS of the world of Jim Henson is now on ebay for anyone looking for it.
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    How do you Dremel?

    Hi, everyone. I just bought a dremel to carve/cut eyes and noses. I am very interested in being able to make my own shapes. My first attempts are pitiful, mostly because I am a beginner. While cutting thin plastics, it's difficult to make a straight line. It's even more difficult to...
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    (Need Some) Fabric Direction

    I know that most agree that stretch on a puppet head goes front to back, not side to side. I also know that according to the Foam Book, the stretch in the neck needs to run side to side, not up and down. My question is won't the puppet look funny with the material running one way on the...
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    The Henson Stictch

    In the book "The Art of the Muppets" by Henson Staff, they mention something called the "Henson Stich," or the stich Don Sahlin invented for Henson designed to hide seams in Muppet Fleece. What is this secret stich? Does anyone know? Thanks.
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    Copyrighting Puppet Designs

    I would imagine that professional puppeteers would need to copyright (or trademark ?) their designs. Have you done this? How do you protect yourself legally? Also, thanks for everyone's helpful advice.
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    Scooter's "New Sound"

    Does anyone know the episode on which Scooter sings "There's a New Sound"? The song appears on the 25th anniversary soundtrack, but I cannot find which episode it is from. Thanks :eek: