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    Herbert Birdsfoot

    Jerry Nelson once wrote in a post years ago (sorry, it's not accessable anymore) that he himself liked the character, whose voice he based on Jiminy Cricket. However, Jim Henson and Frank Oz didn't care for the Herbert as much as Jerry did, and felt the character just wasn't working. As a...
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    We still need more characters!!!

    He only appeared in one skit.
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    Remember this song?

    Here ya go. Tiny Dancer's site is a good rule of thumb in general for finding lyrics.
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    Beautiful Day Monster Appreciation thread This should explain all, with picture included. (Scroll down to "Happy Girl Meets a Monster"). Also, check here for his appearance on the Paul Williams show...
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    Grover on EC

    An interesting fact, is that Jim Boyd, playing J. Arthur Crank in this scene, is (was?) a puppeteer in his own right. Must have been interesting conversations between Jim and Frank between takes.
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    What the Hurricane episodes should have had

    Personally I like the idea of the sheep doing the cha-cha, because it's what I call the theatre of the absurd. :) But I don't find your idea stupid, either.
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    Caroll Spinney & Martin Robinson

    No question about it, those two performers just work well off of each other.
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    Hurricane episodes to air September 12-16

    Actually, the hurricane episodes aired in April or May of 2001 as a finale to the SS season at the time. The A&E documentary discussed how this series was planned ahead nearly a year in advance. This initial airing would be months before that horrific event. Having said that, the following...
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    Hurricane episodes to air September 12-16

    Who knows? But if/until that happens, there's a heck of a lot of existing Kermit material on existing VHSs and DVDs put out in the past two decades, particularly in those that came out as far back as 1986.
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    ...and Carroll Spinney as Big Bird

    Time will tell.
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    Who performed these characters?

    Noel MacNeil. Having said that, there was a time that it was Marty Robinson (The Snuffy costume in "Mommy" gear), meaning that the mother and Snuffy did not interact on camera at the same time. Obviously, a new Snuffleupagus must have been built, and Noel stepped into the role.
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    Mr. Hooper info from those of you who knew him

    Caroll Spinney cites that in his book. Also, if you go to a library with back issues of New York Times on microfilm, you can that info in his eulogy. There are many other sources for that info on Will Lee, those are just two prominent ones that come to mind. Since it hasn't been mentioned in...
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    Lily Tomlin Appearances on Sesame Street

    Very, very close, but a different Edith. That was actually Andrea Martin, decked out in her Edith Prickley outfit. That character with a loud personality and a wardrobe to match was on SCTV, maybe originated from that show.
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    Herry Monster appreciation thread

    For what it's worth: Certainly on the available commercial VHS's, many of which will soon be, if not already, on DVD, which were put out in the last two decades... Certainly among those there are a good amount of Herry Monster scenes. :)
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    Your Favorite Cartoons on Sesame Street

    Casey Kasem Was? He still is cool. Alive and kicking and still contributing his voice talent. :)
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    Any pics of Fran Brill?

    How's this TV Tome listing?
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    What's My Part?: Foot (1970)

    Just to make sure I understand, the album was reissued under the same name in 1977 as it was in 1974? Or did you mean that one of the titles was different?
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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 36

    I empathize with your sentiment, but I think it's important for all folks here to keep in mind that there is a heck of a lot of SS commercial videos put out in the last two decades, many now being issued as DVD's, that have versions of various songs and the like, before any remakes were made. (I...
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    Oscar's attitude

    Spot on, MuppetDude. :D Well, you can't blame a guy for trying.
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    Oscar's attitude

    Funny you should mention this. I heard that in next year for Season 37, they're going to begin phasing Oscar out for just this reason. I think this is a travesty. :grouchy: What do you think?