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  1. JammieJam

    My second, third, and fourth puppets.

    These first two are simple little ball-shaped puppets that I made for a charity bazaar my work was having. I made them pretty quickly, so they're not as perfect as I would've wished. This one was a big hit. He sold immediately and I'm making at least two more for my coworkers. His name is...
  2. JammieJam

    Mouth plate material: Automotive gasket material?

    Hey there. I'm still pretty new to building puppets, and I've been experimenting with different mouth plate materials. I've heard that Kermit's very expressive mouth is made with gasket rubber, but it's so expensive I looked around for something similar that doesn't cost quite so much. I found...
  3. JammieJam

    My first puppet!

    I'm trying to post this again because it didn't show up the first time. I apologize if it double posts! This is Ollie, my very first puppet build. He's not perfect, but I love him. I've learned so much by making him. I'll definitely do some things differently on my next puppet, but I...