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    Video: The Muppets promote Facebook Portal in "A Very Muppet Portal Launch"

    This was really great. Seeing Fozzie's mother was a highlight.
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    Sesame Street Season 49 Episode 4905 - Elmo's Factory

    I posted that before we knew what the special would be. Now we know that Caroll will be appearing as himself interacting with Matt's Big Bird and Eric's Oscar. His final performance is for a street story that will air in season 50. As a Muppet fan, you should know that voice changes are...
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    The New New Quote Thread

    This is to prove to @datman24 that Elmo has more than one emotion. Ryan Dillon: I felt the first time I had it and I felt confidant with Elmo was a show that Chrissy Ferraro wrote. She writes Elmo in such a wonderful way, because she can really access all his emotions, Elmo's not always happy in...
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    Rumor: Elmo’s Staying Up Late Show on HBO Max

    I think that sounds interesting. Ryan is a great improviser just like Kevin, so I think giving Elmo a talk show would be great to let his comedic abilities shine. I also hope we'll see the other characters as the crew, like Cookie Monster could do craft services, Big Bird could be Elmo's...
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    Sesame Street Season 49 Episode 4904 - So You Think You Can Choreograph

    The two blonde girls were Alison Williams and Blake Lively.
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    Jim Lewis and Steve Whitmire start interactive Youtube/Discord channel CAVE-IN

    He didn't parody Dark Crystal because he wasn't asked to do the Netflix series, he did it because he's aware that some Henson fans, like me, think the Dark Crystal looks really pretty, but the content is just boring.
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    Jim Lewis and Steve Whitmire start interactive Youtube/Discord channel CAVE-IN

    Comments like that are kinda why I avoided putting Steve's name in the thread title. Anyway, Weldon is funny. I like when he said "Ya see, there are words that mean things."
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    Weldon the IT Guy (Internet Troll)

    I forgot to mention this: The head writer of the Muppets, Jim Lewis, is involved in this. So that's cool!
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    Meeting Muppet performers at DragonCon

    I think what I can do is make the Facebook album public so all you guys can see them. Does this link work?
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    Meeting Muppet performers at DragonCon

    So I just got home from DragonCon, and let me tell ya, it was a heck of an experience! First I met Peter Linz. He was coaching these puppeteers doing something called "Puppet Ninja Challenge." And to show them how proud he was, he brought out Walter! I could not believe Walter was right in front...
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    Weldon the IT Guy (Internet Troll)

    Steve Whitmire now has his own puppet character named Weldon who's a literal Internet troll. He's really funny I think. Here's the first of his live shows that he did last night:
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    Kermit to appear at Disney's D23 Expo 2019

    Here's the whole panel with Kermit. I have to wonder, how in the world is Matt able to keep his arm in the air for that long?
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 2 Episode 3 - Finders Keepers / Monster Next Door

    I liked the references to Mahna Mahna and Statler and Waldorf's laugh. I also laughed at the Matrix parody with Gonzo. I really like Baby Sweetums' design. Dee Bradley Baker does a good performance for him.
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    Brian Muehl's Elmo

    Brian himself called the voice, the kinda person a teenage girl might pick up on the phone and wouldn't wanna hear.
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    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    Obviously, I prefer the Elmo we're more familiar with, but I think the voice Brian gave him is so funny. Did you guys notice that after he says "Can I play?", he does the crooked-eye look? That shows that Kevin wasn't the first one to use it. In Kevin's interview with the Archive of American...
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    The New New Quote Thread

    Cam Garrity: What was the Happytime Murders experience like for you? Bill Barretta: Well, I loved it. I loved making that movie. I think unfortunately it's not the movie that we made. But I had a great time making it. It was a very collaborative experience with Melissa, and Brian, everybody...
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 2 Episode 2 - Starship Piggy / My Buddy

    I liked the Star Trek inspired costumes everyone wore in Starship Piggy. I also liked seeing pictures of the Pigs in Space crew and Bean Bunny in the background.
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    Disney Muppet Babies Season 2 Episode 1 - The Froginizer / My Fair Animal

    It's interesting how they're not doing title cards anymore. I liked the reprise of "Super Fabulous" sung by Gonzo. Dee Bradly Baker's performance of Proper Animal cracked me up.