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    Question about puppet workshops

    There are a few things I have always wanted to know about puppet workshops? For one how would I be able to join one and second how often is it available?
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    I made a Shantae Puppet

    I have recently finished making a puppet likeness of Shantae. I hope you guys like it!
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    Disney Nightmare Fuel

    Who's ready for some Disney Related Nightmare Fuel?
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    RIP James Frawley

    I don't know if someone posted something like already but I just found out on twitter that Jim Frawley passed away.
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    New Series (Games in Gear)

    I'm gonna be doing a new Weekly series Called Games in Gear. Where my Puppet character Clyde speaks of games both old and new as well as people in the gaming industry and other game related things. Here is the first Episode I made which Celebrates the 20 Years of The Super Smash Bros. Series...
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    Blatch Patterns

    Anyone know where I can find the Purple necked black bearded blatch patterns? I can't seem to find them anywhere! Any help will be appreciated
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    Making Bert's hair

    Does anyone know how to make a hairstyle that's similar to that of Bert's hair from Sesame Street? If so any help will be appreciated.
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    Since when does WMG own Sesame Street?

    Are you guys aware that suddenly WMG Is blocking Sesame Street Related Videos? a few minutes ago I wanted to watch a SS Clip and it said WMG Blocked it on Copyright Grounds. I found this video uploaded by buddlyboy600alt explaining this.
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    Muppets and Sesame Street youtube?

    Has anyone ever noticed how people kept getting Copyright Claims for uploading those on youtube?
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    4 Legged Dog Puppet

    I hope you guys can help me on this but How do I go around building a 4 legged puppet (Like That of the dogs you see on Sesame Street, or Gladys the cow or even Jojo From the Jim Henson Hour) I have always been baffled on how puppet builders can pull it off, so I was wondering can you help me out?
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    The Wedding of Mrs. Fox

    This was an idea I had a few years ago but I plan on doing a Puppet adaptation of The story The Wedding of Mrs. Fox. I even posted a video a couple years ago explaining it.
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    Favorite NYSU Character

    For those of you who ever seen the Show "No you Shut Up," I just wanted to ask you, do you have a favorite Henson Puppet Panelist?
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    Muppets Today Show (Yes We Have No Bananas!)

    Anyone know who recorded this version of Yes we have no bananas when Jim Henson and Jane was performing on the Today Show in the Early 60's? It starts at 7:30
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    Alésia Glidewell

    about Six or Seven months ago, Voice Actor Alésia Glidewell (Who was known for voicing Krystal in Star Fox Assault, Chell for Portal, Zero Suit Samus, Knuckle Joe, and Alma Matter from Fear) Saw my work and Liked it. She was kind enough to send me a Copy of "Jim Henson's Designs and Doodles"...
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    Manhattan Chase Commercials

    Does anyone happen to anything about those commercials? I remember reading it on Jim's Red Book and I have always wondered what the commercials were like!
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    Please Help! Making Krystal Puppet

    I was inspired by how the Jim Henson Company built the Puppet Likeness of Fox, Falco, and Peppy from the Star Fox Games so I wanted to do a puppet Likeness of Krystal (Here's a Pic for those of you who don't know who she is But I need Help. So if there is anyone who...
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    Anyone ever see Little Star

    Anyone ever see this Show?
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    Karen Falk

    Sometimes I wish I could meet Karen Falk. She has done many great contributions to the history of Jim Henson and I think it's awesome. I would love a chance to meet her someday
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    If you could work with any Muppet Performer

    If you had the Opportunity to work with any Muppet Performer, who would it be? for me I would like to have a chance to work with Stephanie D'Abruzzo. She gave me new perspectives on Performing puppets.
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    Game Nostalgics

    I have been doing a video series Called Game Nostalgics which covers Classic video Games!