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    I NEED BUYERS FAST! Muppet records and singles, original At of The Muppets ticket, plus Disney, Hollywood, books, software and so much more!
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    Your Puppets on Youtube

    Disney's animatronic event dvd youtube sample THE DVD IS HERE! Here's a small sample of the great stuff you will see: In September of 2010, a rare one-time gathering of Disney Legends and fans gathered in The Grand Ballroom of the famed...
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    Your Puppets on Youtube

    Q: What do you get when you mix Sesame Street's Elmo with Kenny from South Park? A:
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    You Tube

    OK for a couple of hour's work and zero budget along with a weird idea, this didn't turn out TOO badly, but I hate being asked to do "bad puppetry". Oh well, it keeps my on-camera skills up. We just shot the second one and have 3 more "scripts"...
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    Disney animatronic dvd available!

    Last September The Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California was the site for The Marvelous Mechanized Magic Kingdom Event celebrating Disney Audio-Animatronics. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the Event featured speakers, rare footage, Disney Legends, and LOTS of robotics! Plus an incredible...
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    Your Puppets on Youtube

    Here's a quick thread where you can post any videos you made! I'll start... OK for a couple of hour's work and zero budget along with a really weird idea, this didn't turn out TOO badly....
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    DVD folks might want to know about

    This was an AWESOME event! If you have any interest in Animatronics or Disneyland history take a look: I heard the DVD will be 4-6 hours long!
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    Out To Lunch

    4 Classic Television Series That Should Get a Second Life Found this on the web today: "Out to Lunch: This barely-remembered 1974 special unleashed the casts of Sesame Street and The Electric Company onto the set of the ABC Evening News. Despite feature the Muppets (and guest stars like...
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    Walt Disney's Marvelous Mechanized Magic Event!

    The 1313 Club presents a ONE TIME ONLY evening of Audio Animatronics magic! Event Information DATE September 18, 2010 LOCATION Grand Ballroom, Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Resort Anaheim, California TICKETS On sale now at COST...
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    Out To Lunch

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I did find the clippings, but for some reason I am not allowed to post attachments here. So, if anyone wants the image sent to them, contact me directly!
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    My Version of Behind the Scenes of "The Muppet Movie"

    Hey thanks! It took me nearly 20 years to get a copy of that photo (Thanks again Was Once Ernie!), but this one clears up the "Landis/Buton Mystery". I tried for years contacting everyone for a copy of this, but no one had it, and the Henson Co. told me the photo didn't exist-LOL! Even...
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    Shameless Promotion

    Here's a commercial I worked on now posted online (I'm the shark!)! It won a "best cinematography" award from the Pasadena Art Center. I think it looks really good, and it's been a long time since I did anything on film. The director is probably no more than 25 years old, but seems to really...
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    Muppets, Fraggles & More!

    Due to the bad economy, I'm having to eBay a lot of treasures, and I want them to go to good homes. The auction ends early this Saturday 9/5, and shipping within the US is FREE! Muppets, Disney, animation, collectables MAD Magazines, TRON, ad more. Please have a look through eveything I'm...
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    Ebay Items!

    Here's a couple I'm offering of interest to Muppet fans: Lots of other stuff if you are into Disney...
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    My Version of Behind the Scenes of "The Muppet Movie"

    Well, since no one else as said it.... HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY TO "THE MUPPET MOVIE"! June 22, 1979 To answer questions, I never did get to work for Jim again (since he and the Company got so big, and I was so young), but spoke with him briefly on the phone when he was on the set of...
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    Shameless Plug (but Not For Me!)

    Here's an interesting DVD celebrating the Disneyland classic-The Golden Horseshoe Review and the only link to it's availability anyplace. While probably much more of an interest to fans of of Disneyland Park history, there is none the less a wonderful vent bit by Jim Adams using an Axtell Byrd...
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    The Fate of Muppetvision 3*D

    Change In Plans! From Al Lutz: "Philharmag-Not And what will those arriving tourists sliding in the side door find in that back corner of the park in '09? They may still find MuppetVision 3-D immediately on their right as the first attraction they encounter. Although changing that...
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    "Inspiration" for the Swedish Chef dies...

    'Chef Tell' Erhardt Dies at 63 Friedman Paul Erhardt, a German-born cook known as "Chef Tell" who was one of America's pioneering television chefs, has died. He was 63. Erhardt died of heart failure on Friday at his home in Upper Black Eddy, about 25 miles east of Allentown, his family...
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    The Fate of Muppetvision 3*D

    It's "unofficialy official". The Orange County Register ran a large graphic map of the changes coming to DCA and "MuppetVision" was indicated as "Mickey's Philharmagic" even though Disney made no mention of this in their first presentation. Many other changes were suggested to the entire Park...