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    My private Labyrinth Screening

    This summer I've been teaching at a theatre-themed summer camp, and doing some of the technical stuff as well. The show the kids put on required a projection for a couple scenes, and so the camp owner (who is also a public school teacher) borrowed a big expensive projector from the school...
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    Puppetry forum

    I would like to see a Puppet Building forum seperate from the Puppetry forum.
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    15 years - Where were you?

    Monday May 16 marks the 15th anniversary of Jim Henson's death. Where were you? "Where were you" is something that is often asked about historical events. Celebrity deaths, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc. Everyone can relate to an event with their own story of how they found out...
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    Portable monitor

    I had a shoot last week where I was the only puppeteer. They asked what I needed, and I requested a bottle of water, an apple box to sit on, and a monitor. They said they didn't have a monitor with them, so I just asked for an rca feed, and plugged it into my 7-inch portable DVD player. I...
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    Hey Cinderella DVD (I broke down)

    I'm watching my new copy of Hey Cinderella on DVD. I broke down and bought one of those amateur copies you see on ebay. My review: Adequate It is pretty professional looking, with an insert and shrinkwrap and the title printed on the disc. The film quality is identical to the vhs. The...
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    What's your favorite Fraggle song?

    If you could pick just one. I like "Why." When I heard it I couldn't help wondering what it would sound like if Leonard Cohen sang it, so I recorded it on my PC using a guitar, synthesizer and my best Cohen impersonation.
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    I wonder if this is too obscure

    Let's see if anyone bites... "Hi-lo!"
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    Elmo in Grouchland

    Am I the only one who actually liked this movie? I mean, for a Sesame Street production it was pretty good. Certainly refreshing after that dreadful Big Bird movie. Mandy Patinkin really seemed to get into the role, even though it was basically a live-action version of Dick Dastardly. The...
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    Advance notice for tv appearances

    Does anyone know of a good reliable resource to find out about tv appearances before they happen? GMA and SNL just snuck up on me this month, and I'd like to stay in the loop. Especially for late night tv gigs, its fun to see what the Muppets do when they're allowed to get a little extra...