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  1. dylan

    Replica Miss Piggy Build

    I love that head. Are you going to share the pattern? Your eye for detail is amazing.
  2. dylan

    Skull patterns

    I was reading some threads about how secretive puppet makers can be with their patterns and it made me kind of sad. I can understand why creators can be this way, but I thought I would change that up. Here are a couple of skull patterns I came up with while trying to recreate fraggle skulls...
  3. dylan

    Replica Miss Piggy Build

    Looks pretty good to me. How goes the project?
  4. dylan

    Red Fraggle Puppet Commission?

    I would love to see your patterns. Red is so cool.
  5. dylan

    Showcase Your Puppets!

  6. dylan

    Showcase Your Puppets!

    That was a commission for the Says Who Podcasts live show. I have the pattern I could scan in, if there is interest.
  7. dylan

    Showcase Your Puppets!

    Here is one of my puppets on a fun photoshoot day: Current Project: And then there is this dude: Supply Drawer: A commission in the wild:
  8. dylan

    Muppet Builds

    Would it be possible to get a copy of the 3d printing files for the mech? I have been trying to find a good 3d printed mech file and haven't had a lot of luck