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    Henson Company NY

    I'm curious, who bought he old Jim Henson Company building on 117 E 69th Street in NY, after it was put up for sale?
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    Visiting Sesame Workshop

    I'm curious, is it possible to visit Sesame Workshop? I know that it is a business office, but perhaps they would let a visitor take a picture in the lobby.
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    Puppet Stage/Theater Blueprints

    I'm starting up a puppet act, but I need to make a portable theater. I've seen ones made from PVC pipe, but I don't know how to begin making one. Does anyone know where I can find blueprints on the Internet for a collapseable, portable puppet stage?
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    Is there a link between Fraggle Rock and the Dark Crystal?

    I was watching Fraggle Rock Season 2 with the episode where Sidebottom, Boober's fun and wild side is introduced. To introduce the other Fraggles to Sidebottom, Booberasks them all to share his dream. They do this by touching their heads together as they sleep or dream-sharing I think in the...
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    Gene Kelly Hated Kermit?

    I just finished reading Gene Kelly: A Life of Dance and Dreams by Alvin Yudkoff (1999, Backstage Books). Always on the look out for any mention of the Muppet in any of the former guest stars life (new anecdotes, jokes, or insights on the Muppeteers from an outside perspective) and Yudkoff had...
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    Muppet Baby Labyrinth Reference?

    I know that in Muppet Babies during the Greek Mythology episode, they talked about Theseus and the Minotaur in the Labyrinth, then they showed a picture of the Labyrinth. But the person here says: Actually, it is a Labyrinth reference, but the reference footage is cut! The actual episode had...
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    Labyrinth Prop on Ebay

    Even though this acutioned ended, someone had an arm from one of the Goblin puppets on ebay: Did anyone see the puppet shown in the auction in the movie? It doesn't look like one of Brian...
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    Old Sound Effects Library

    Anyone else notice that they still use old sound effects from the 1980s and before for making cartoons? Like the notorious wolf howl, which I swear I have heard the it in Scooby-Doo cartoons and now the Fairy Odd Parents.
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    Labyrinth parody in Web Comic

    Web comics are fun especially when you find hidden tidbits to stuff you like. I found this Labyrinth parody: The comic is for March 6 if that doesn't work. It's from a web comic called Queen of Wands and there is also a Sesame Street parody here...
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    Fraggle and Kermit, similiar construction?

    I was looking at the new Sababa Fraggle plushies and I got a view of Boober from a side angle and thought without a hat he looks kind of like Kermit with fur. Does anyone know if the Fraggles were made with a similar design in mind to Kermit?
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    900 Yeah!

    Yeah, after almost two years, though it seems longer, I'm at 900 posts! Well 901 after this, but only a hundred more and I'll be a senior member at last! Hahahaha! This just shows the amount of time I've spent here with everyone when I should have been doing something more
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    Labyrinth: The Musical

    I was thinking, does anyone else believe that Labyrinth could be made into a show for the stage? I would enjoy to see it on Broadway, but who knows since there's Spamalot based on a movie. And didn't the Muppets have a show on Broadway at one time (not including [I]Muppets Take Manhatten[I])...
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    Sesame Street Parody on Dave Chappelle?

    Last night I was surfing through the channels when I stopped on ABC to watch a skit on the Dave Chappelle Show? I think that's his name, he had Pepe on to promote Muppets Wizard of Oz. They did a Sesame Street parody with Cookie Monster in Elmo, where Cookie wanted Elmo's cookie, but Elmo...
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    Muppet Fairytales

    I was at a college garage sale last month and I found a video starring the Muppets in fairytales with Gonzo as Rumpelsteinskin from the 1990s.. Sadly, I didn't have the cash to buy it. Anyone have any information on this video?
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    Jim Henson cameo "Into the Night"

    I was looking at Movie Hound's Guide to the Movies today at the library and I looked Jim up and found that he was mentioned to have a cameo in the 1980 movie: Into the Night. Anyone ever seen this? Also the didn't mention Labyrinth in that guide.
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    Hand Injuries

    Some of the Muppeteers hands have been bopped so many times while wearing the puppets, have any of them suffered any hand related injury due to these "head injuries"?
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    I'm starting to get into airbrushing, but I'm not exactly sure what sprt of airbrush to buy. Does anyone use aurbrushes and can give me advice on how to start?
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    Bye, Bye Big Bird video

    Does anyone ever remember a video back from the 1980s called "Bye-bye Big Bird" about Big bird going up in a hot air balloon?
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    Kermit and Piggy on I Love the 80s 3D.

    Miss Piggy and Kermit were said to be the best on screen hook-up of 1982 on the third installment of the I love the 80s series.
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    Bert and Ernie Around the World

    I remember not long ago that there was a article on the mainpage about Ernie and Bert doing a special on the travel channel. Whatever happened to that?