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    Muppets Song

    Ok everyone do you know the mexican hat song? How about the Nations song? So inspired by this and a transformers version of it I decided to make a muppet version, so I also am using audio from this: to...
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    The Fluffets
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    Project: R.O.W.L.F

    :sympathy: I really want to make a Rowlf puppet. My mum promised me she would help me do this but now she's backing out.............. Neither of us is good with a needle and thread and we don't know where to begin. Does anyone have any suggestion about where I might be able to get simple...
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    Bugsy Malone

    One of the greatest movies/musicals of all time. I've been meaning to make videos to do with it too but with puppets and I think (and hope) you'll enjoy what I've got so far.... and :):):)
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    Muppet product ideas...

    Ok people I sometimes come up with ideas for muppet products so I'll post some and if you think of any just add it and share it. My latest is....Muppet Lollie-pops. Just think what a world we'd have thanks too new muppet lolli-pops:confused:! My idea was also added to by my mum. I think it could...
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    A disgrace to the word Muppet! If you don't agree with me on this then I'm amazed!:concern::)
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    My Muppet Pics

    Here are some links to some long-awaited muppet pics from before my birthday that I've been meaning to post....., , , , snd next are some photos of a large muppet pic I drew (don't I draw cute? hehehe). , ,, , and finally a ribbish pic of Kermit The Sock!
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    Attending a Convention: Please tell me Where, When and How

    I've been looking at the muppefest section bit here and it looks like it was aweosme. Plus my other interests are puppeteering and doctor who/ scifi and Godzilla rocks too! Plus almost ALL the major fun conventions are in places too expensive or far away. As my profile says I live in Orkney but...
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    Muppet youtube vid of the day!

    Ok guys I hope no one's already thought this and today I have a treat for youu. Its what I personally think is a hilarious, 5 star muppet commercial for pizza hut although the green peppers make you wonder.... Anyway, enjoy!
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    Henson-related video games

    Hello everyone. After reading RedPiggy's Labyrinth video game thread I made this one. I have some suggestions that might interest you. The Muppet Game! - This video game is about Kermit The Frog going back to the swamp and missing his friends. This makes up the first half of gaming in it. So...
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    Kermit's Swamp Adventures

    Kermit started life out as a tadpole with a greenish tint. His parents could always tell him apart for some destined reason. He liked to hang out with his friends Croaker and Goggles but he often got picked on for some reason. He was always different, a free-thinker who liked to sit on his...
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    My B-day!

    This year I will be 12. I just wanted to share this if anybody wants to wish me a happy birthday. My birthday is on April the 7th. :) Presents accepted and happy birthday messages. I just wanted to notify this for anyone who wants to know plus all my muppetcentral friends. :D
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    What's Your Favourite Muppet/Sesame Plush?

    Mine is my Cookie Monster plush although I'm embarrased to admit all this :insatiable:. He's so cuddly and sweet and blue. Blue is my favourite colour. 5 star reccomended. Unfortunately once I brought him along on a ferry trip with me and some kid HAD to handle him! I now feel not the same to...
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    Any puppeteers near the Orkney Isles?

    Ok to anyone who is reading this message. I live in the Orkney isles which is in scotland in the UK. I have made friends with somebody who can assist me in my puppeteering and youtube videos. It would be very nice to get some people willing to help me manage my puppets. Questions can be posted...
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    My Muppet role game

    Attention! I have invented a new game! We will post pics like this as profile pics for this special game and it shall be called: The muppet role game! I drew my character, a monster in and we will chat as our characters! Anyone who wants to join can add to this thread. HAVE FUN! My character...
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    Muppets to bring back in the Spotlight...

    Right, I made this thread upon reading a very similiar one and some mupppets had about 3 mins and some are either silent or background characters. So heres the plan..... Blue Frackle.: He needs his bit of stardom. Lenny The Lizard.: He's quite amusing. Could have more fame. The Houses.: The...
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    Meet My Grandparents!

    They've just popped round to say hello to all you forumers! :)
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    New Video Made By Me for Red Nose Day!

    I just recently filmed this, enjoy! :D
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    Homeade kermit puppet!

    It's still in the early stages but I haven't been able to find materials and ideas to get the rest of him done.:)
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    What would you be if you were a Muppet?

    If I was a muppet I would like to be a large muppet monster, maybe with blue fur and waggling eyes, with huge, furry hands and a deep laugh and a permanant apitite for everything!