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  1. TidusEstar

    Why is Steve Whitmire the voice of Kermit?

    He sounds great now, almost like Jim Henson but why was he chosen orginally for the voice of Kermit? Was he his understudy?
  2. TidusEstar

    Your Thoughts: The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

    Diden't like it... Ok I recorded it, and fast fowarded through the begining, I only watched it because of the muppets...and that wasen't even enough to make me sit through ...I hope whatever projects Disney has for the future, I hope it's better than this one.
  3. TidusEstar

    Dark Crystal Soundtrack Question

    Hi all, it's been awhile, just got another computer and I'm back with another question. A few years ago, before the Dark Crystal soundtrack came out, I downloaded the Great Conjuntion, It was 14 minuits and something long, well anyway, after Jen heals the crystal the female singing started, it...
  4. TidusEstar

    Muppets magic mayhem and more! Fozzie Bear

    Hey guys who's laughing in the background of this one? Any ideas?
  5. TidusEstar

    Fraggle Rock people

    Hey all, hope nobody is tired of hearing from me, but I have YET ANOTHER question. Does anybody know how to get in contact with anybody that played on Fraggle rock? I'd like to say thanks and tell them what a postive Influence they were on my life, and thanks for another thing. See my brother...
  6. TidusEstar

    Ding dong sing song...?

    What was the epsiode where a bell asked Gobo a riddle and it was going ding dong sing song?
  7. TidusEstar

    Whatever Happened to Doc?

    contacting anybody know how you could reach him, I've always wanted to write him a letter or something.
  8. TidusEstar

    urSkeks names

    hey all, in the book of Aughra, it says how to get the name of the ukSkeks, but would it be, (urZah and skekZok for example) ZahZok or ZokZah? Or am I completly wrong and skipped somthing somewhere?
  9. TidusEstar

    Henson "evaluating" Fraggle DVD...

    um guys... ::looks confused:: I don't know who misinterperted it, but I mean the fraggles on dvd, The Orginal ones.
  10. TidusEstar

    Henson "evaluating" Fraggle DVD...

    Fraggle Rock dvd? Read this email from Henson company. hey guys I don't know if anybody did this but I emailed the Henson company and go this in reply. "We have no current plans to re-release Fraggle Rock, but thanks for your input. This is something that we are (are was in bold!)...
  11. TidusEstar

    Fraggle Rock Epsiodes Questions

    Ok guys, some nice people, are letting me download Fraggle Rock Epsiodes...There are two that I want that I don't remember thier names... The epsiode with Skinfred, I think that's his name who becomes whatever you want him to, I need the epsiode name, and the other one with the Ditzies...
  12. TidusEstar

    Remembering Fred Rogers...

    you guys can check out the website, click on attractions as soon as the page loads and you'll see it. You knew somebody from Latrobe? Cool. I guess it is a small world.
  13. TidusEstar

    Remembering Fred Rogers...

    Hey all, having no computer and no tv until just today I found out that Mr. Rodgers had passed away, being from his home town of Latrobe, Pennsylvania I was shocked and a little angry, because usually people would talk about this. He's one of the only shows I remember watching when I was...
  14. TidusEstar

    Dreams about Muppets...

    Fraggles Well, needless to say, I dream about the fraggles alot. lol. Kinda pointless post, but I just wanna know if anybody else has dreams like that.
  15. TidusEstar

    Scary muppet

    ...::shivers:: Yeah it's Uncle Deadly...that is one scary muppet.
  16. TidusEstar

    Change of address last few lines

  17. TidusEstar

    Change of address last few lines

    Thanks! Does it end there? Is there more?
  18. TidusEstar

    Scary muppet

    To this day there's a muppet that scares the heck outta me. It's purple with things growing out of it's mouth. It's seen in the Julie Andrews Sketch I wistle a happy tune. Not the big human ones but the normal sized ones. Anybody know what it's name is so I can put a name to that scary face?
  19. TidusEstar

    Change of address last few lines

    Change of adress last few lines Ok guys, got a question. I have change of address on tape, but I horraibly realzied something as I was watching it a few minuits ago. (While bawling like some weirdo, any body else do this?) I DON'T HAVE THE LAST FEW LINES OF THE EPSIODE. Here's where it stops...
  20. TidusEstar

    Who's your favorite Fraggle?

    Cantus Cantus? not a Fraggle?! Huh? Did I miss something somewhere? Of course Cantus is a Fraggle he even looks like a fraggle just older and wiser.