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  1. jobi71

    A silly/practical question about the characters still appearing

    Hi folks - I have seen some clips online and based on chat know a bit, but I am curious which Muppet characters are still in the core group to appear on the show? Also which ones are infrequent here and there characters? And are there any (an emphasis on classic characters) who make cameos...
  2. jobi71

    Words words words

    The Muppets are as good as the corny lines that they say. A few posts recently state that certain iterations or performances were below par. I think what is lacking is the strong spine of a writer to bring these characters to life. Who do you think (sky is the limit) might be the next best...
  3. jobi71

    Question about Luncheon Counter Monster

    Has Luncheon Counter Monster ever had a solo line (either of dialogue or song)? He is featured in the chorus of several numbers and, of course, has been utilized for his various devouring sounds. I know he had many puppeteers over various productions, so there would not be a consistent voice...
  4. jobi71

    Characters, Scenes and Stories you'd like to see on ABC's "The Muppets"

    Hi Folks - OK, so I pose to you three questions: Which Muppet character would you be most pleased to see in a background cameo on the show? The best example is Beautiful Day Monster videobombing Pepe. What two characters would you like to see share a scene? It can be either an incidental...
  5. jobi71

    Why did Hilda have to go?

    I know Eren Okzer left after season 1, but Jerry surely could have provided a vaguely Eastern European accent to keep her in the fold. I know Jerry Juhl wanted to tell stories both on stage and backstage. I think Hilda would have been a good view point into backstage. And for a show that was...
  6. jobi71

    Question on scale/size

    Could anyone tell me the sizes of Uncle Deadly as Palpatine and also the chicken included in that set? Also what is the size of the chicken included with the mini Swedish Chef from Palisades? Thanks for your help.
  7. jobi71

    Whatnot doubling

    Hey guys - I was reading another thread on the forum, and I came across a fact that surprised me. Bobby Benson and Wayne are the same whatnot puppet. I had never noticed this. Can anyone think of another whatnot that served as the base of two recurring characters? For example I know the...
  8. jobi71

    If you were a Muppet Show Guest Star...

    We have often heard that the guest stars on the Muppet Show were asked (some version of) is there a particular Muppet you would like to appear with, or some skill you would like to demonstrate? This has what brought us priceless moments such as Rudlph Nureyev singing with Miss Piggy in a sauna...
  9. jobi71

    Gawain's Height

    Hi there folks. Does anyone know the height of the Gawain figure in the Frog Scout leader pack?