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  1. lowercasegods

    Read My New Online Comic, "dead Duck"!

    Hi! I'm Jay Fosgitt, aka Lowercasegods, longtime Muppet Central member and professional cartoonist. I just wanted to announce that I'm working on "DEAD DUCK", my first graphic novel, which comes out November from Ape Entertainment. And today, I've launched the online Dead Duck comic at...
  2. lowercasegods

    Gorch But Not Forgotten (a comic strip)

    Just for my own enjoyment, I've created a comic strip starring the old SNL Gorch Muppets. Basically it's showing what they've been up to since their days on SNL, and will have loads of cool cameos from other long forgotten or lesser known Muppets. You can check it out at the link below. Let me...
  3. lowercasegods

    Who builds 'em?

    This has probably been addressed before, but I feel compelled to ask, so my apologies if I'm rehashing old news. Now that The Muppets are owned by Disney, while The Henson Company is doing it's own puppet business with older un-Muppet properties, and Sesame Workshop is doing The Sesame Street...
  4. lowercasegods

    Full Set Of Tomy Fraggle Dolls

    I'm just throwing this out here initially to see if there's any interest. But I own a full set of Fraggle dolls produced by Tomy in the early 80's. They include Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, Traveling Matt and Sprocket. If anyone is interested, please send me a message and let me know, with...
  5. lowercasegods

    Muppet Musicians Of Bremen On Dvd!

    I don't know if anyone else has seen this, and it sounds legit enough, but I found this on Myspace today. If it is on the up and up, people like me who have been wanting Bremen on DVD all these years may want to jump at this. At $14.00 you can't really beat it...
  6. lowercasegods

    Contacting Michael Frith

    Anyone have any info as to how I could reach him? I've been a cartoonist for many years now, and watching the Fraggle Rock season 1 bonus features and seeing his gorgeous art in the original proposal for the show reminded me how greatly his art influenced my own work. Hence, I'd love to get...
  7. lowercasegods

    Very Informative Frank Oz Interview...

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, and if so, please disregard it with my apologies for unintentionally re-posting, but I came across this interview with Frank on, and it's an eye opener, from his view of the years he spent with the Muppets, to confirmation about a...
  8. lowercasegods

    Lighthouse Island from The Jim Henson Hour

    Assuming other people remember this second-half episode of the Jim Henson Hour, titled "Lighthouse Island", written by Jerry Juhl and starring Chris Makepeace, does anyone know where it was filmed? My first instinct is Canada (though where in Canada?), but doesn't have anything. Any...
  9. lowercasegods

    I don't understand it...

    I was sitting here at my computer, listening to my Sesame Street cd's, then for so apparent reason I became very sad and eventually cried a little. My fiancee says it's because I got nostalgic, but I tell you, I've been nostalgic before, and it was never like this. I was really caught off guard...
  10. lowercasegods

    Sesame Street on DVD?

    I have no doubt that this has been brought up in some other thread, and if anyone cares to direct me to it, I'd appreciate it. But for now, I need to ask, has anyone heard any news about early seasons of Sesame Street (or at least a greatest hits collections) being released on DVD? I'd love to...
  11. lowercasegods

    Dr. Bob and Mr. Rowlf

    Does anyone else find it strange that in Veterinarians Hospital Miss Piggy plays Nurse Piggy, Janice plays Nurse Janice, and yet Rowlf plays Dr. Bob? Almost thirty years later and I'm just now starting to wonder about this. Anyone out there have an explanation or perhaps find this as weird as I do?
  12. lowercasegods

    Where The Wild Things Are Movie

    I found this link which details how director Spike Jonez is finally getting his film adaptation of the children's book, "Where The Wild Things Are" off the ground, and most importantly, the Jim Henson company will be creating the monsters! Can I get a wahoo, people...
  13. lowercasegods

    Henson Company to Produce Suspense Film

    According to, the Jim Henson Company has just bought the rights to produce a film based on a suspense novel called "The Tatooed Map." You can check out the link below:
  14. lowercasegods

    PUPPET PROPOSAL (and I mean marriage!)

    This past October 29th, two days prior to me and my girlfriend Laura's third anniversary as a couple, I proposed to her. It was a wonderful experience, made all the more wonderful by puppetry! Working off my own designs, Michele at built two puppets of Laura and myself...
  15. lowercasegods

    REEFER MADNESS: The Movie Musical

    I just wanted to start this thread to expound on the greatest movie musical to come out since Moulin Rouge, REEFER MADNESS!! The film follows a VERY similar path to Little Shop of Horrors. And here's how: 1. Like Little Shop, Reefer Madness was inspired by an old low budget cult film, a...
  16. lowercasegods

    Muppet cartoon by Lowercasegods

    Inspired by both Muppet Monkey and Vic Romano, I'm submitting here for your approval my own Muppet cartoon. Hope you guys like it.
  17. lowercasegods

    Muppet Crushes

    Let me begin this by saying these crushes were from when I was a kid, so please don't cast some "Man, wadda freak!" kinda vibe on me when I begin this. But back in the day, my main Muppet crush was Kira from ther Dark Crystal, with Mokey following close behind (which I mentioned in a related...
  18. lowercasegods

    The fabric of history

    This is a Sam and Friends-related question. Does anyone know exactly what Sam and Yorick were made of? And were Sam's arms controlled by arm wires, or did they just flop around freely?
  19. lowercasegods

    Celebrity mourners

    Does anyone know which celebrities were in attendance at Jim Henson's memorial service? These are who I have so far: Harry Belafonte (He performed) Sam Raimi (he was dating Lisa Henson at the time) Rick Moranis (Jim Hill media confirmed this one) Daryl Hannah (Jim Hill media confirmed this...
  20. lowercasegods


    I'm a big fan of Joss Whedon's now defunct sci fi TV show FIREFLY and it's very terrific big screen spin-off, SERENITY. I've been on a few boards where I've tried to share my appreciation of the show with others, but there's a whole lotta hostility and weirdness out there. Seeing as how I feel...