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  1. Cantus Rock

    The Muppets are getting worse

    I'm starting to wonder. Ever since they shifted the target age demographic it hasn't been the same. :( (Of course I feel it serves a vital role in educational television, but still..)
  2. Cantus Rock

    how did u get into the muppets??

    My mother had a good head on her shoulders and raised me on Fraggle Rock. As a young adult I remembered my upbringing on the show (and I remember how happy the memories were watching with my mother) and I decided to rediscover that world. That brought me here to MC, and from there I got into...
  3. Cantus Rock

    The Muppets are getting worse

    Thank you. Its good to know that there are still a few people who, like me, feel that traditionalism is more important and of immeasurably higher quality than the modern garbage the Muppet characters have been subjected to. I've been saying this for oh, 4 years or so now. Frogster's old...
  4. Cantus Rock

    Have you ever been banned from another forum?

    I recall being banned from MC for a while, but I think it was a computer thing. I thought it was because I'd asked to do some video trading. Other than that, no bannings. The worst it gets for me is people who don't agree with my opinions (ie. supporters of new productions). :rolleyes:
  5. Cantus Rock

    Fraggle Rock Season 2 officially announced

    This is wonderful. Every Fraggle fan out there should be thanking Warrick daily for the effort he put into getting the ball rolling on the DVDs. As we all predicted, once the first season came out, the sales would speak for themselves. Wonderful. If only all Henson-related news could be this...
  6. Cantus Rock

    JHC planning Dark Crystal sequel

    I've got my fingers crossed on this one, but I can't really have that mentioned hope. The rapid decline has gotten so low that it just doesn't seem possible for anything good to come of these spin-offs, sequels and rips.
  7. Cantus Rock

    SHORT NOTICE: Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Showing on Big Screen Tomorrow!

    Upon looking for a film for myself this evening, I came across a very lucky discovery: The Downtown Media Arts Center, here in Orlando, FL, will be showing Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal back-to-back Thursday, Nov. 3rd...
  8. Cantus Rock

    Fraggle Rock film in development

    Sure, life goes on. But it'll never be as good, and unlike the majority, I am unwilling to settle for reconstructed knock-offs. The queen of hearts has white roses; a coat of red paint doesn't change that.
  9. Cantus Rock

    Fraggle Rock film in development

    All bets are now off, upon hearing about Jerry Juhl's passing. I feel so depressed; I had such high hopes for this project, and now I feel a corporate cash cow coming on. Its enough to consume a man.
  10. Cantus Rock

    Celebrating Jerry Juhl

    This is the end. Thats all I can really say. I'm in tears.
  11. Cantus Rock

    WANTED: all JHH eps on DVD or vhs

    Where were you when I was at my trading peak??!!?!?! :D
  12. Cantus Rock

    Who's on your Buddy List

    Back in the early days of these forums, I had several MC people on my buddy list. Cory, Byron, Nate, etc. Not since then though...that was about 2 years ago now..
  13. Cantus Rock

    Good times! Good times!

    What I thought this thread was going to be about: :D Happy (apparently late) 300.
  14. Cantus Rock

    MC Members & the Hurricane: AL, LA, MS, KY, GA, FL

    Cantus Rock and family survived with minor damage (in S. FL). Good to hear everyone is doing well for the most part.
  15. Cantus Rock

    Kermit's 50th Anniversary World Tour

    I'll try to make it to the frogs legs festival, though I've never heard of the city in which it is being held. I'll be as cordial as possible if I meet Steve.
  16. Cantus Rock

    Fraggle Rock film in development

    I just realized that now, I apologize.
  17. Cantus Rock

    Fraggle Rock film in development

    I am cautiously endorsing this project. The elements seem to be there. I haven't read everything here; is the original music team signed on for this? I can only pray that the revamping of the core Muppet cast doesn't happen here as well. That would be the end of the world as far as I'm...
  18. Cantus Rock

    Should the Muppets retire?

    *Bump* Important topic.
  19. Cantus Rock


    Its a little too cutesy for me, but I like it.
  20. Cantus Rock

    Request for scans from one TMS sketch

    I don't mean to be rude, but I must ask; David, you occasionally make threads like these. What are these pictures, clips, etc. for, exactly? Are you working on a site or something, or are they just for you to have due to personal interest? Just curious. :)