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  1. Manda:-D

    Muffins of Our Lives - The Return

    I think that's my favorite part, right there. :D (Speakin' of....Is By still about? I've not seen 'im yet.)
  2. Manda:-D

    Muffins of Our Lives - The Return

    MooL! Sweet heavens, I LOVED MooL! I was in it, too, briefly... Wasn't I engaged to a muffin or something else hugely ridiculous? I may have also had a scandalous Scrabble game w/someone at some point...MUST look up BBB forum & recall old MooL plots! Good times, good times. (News Radio quotes...
  3. Manda:-D

    What have you learned?

    I have learned that the paper's still due. No matter how much you ignore it try to pretend it's not there...Still due. Gotta turn it in. Also: I've learned I REALLY, REALLY hate the idea of discussing MY paper before the class. (Scary grad students I'm in class with will take my ideas to pieces...
  4. Manda:-D

    When the unexpected happens

    Aw, Katz, I'm SO sorry. You and your family will be in my prayers. Also, just to make you smile, here's a fren'ly lil' poke. *POKE* It's tradition amongst my friends, we poke each other when we're down, it eventually devolves into a poke war, and it's REALLY hard to be (erm, upset) when you're...
  5. Manda:-D

    Erm...Hello Again? (And: the Continuing Adventures of Manda)

    I pulled this off of the "relationships" thread I hunteddown. Behold...Much changes in...What? A year? The fact o' the matter is, boys 'n' gels, I, in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM saw this relationship coming a year ago. I hoped for it, wished for it, but figured, y'know, all chances are pretty...
  6. Manda:-D

    Purely Ornamental: One Size Fits Snug

    I think my favorite line was about how SOMEbody's blood was certainly flowing....You capture the Kermie/Piggy bickering quite well, and balance it nicely with that last little moment of sweetness between them. You don't make it too ushy-gushy either, which is good. Kermit and Piggy aren't too...
  7. Manda:-D

    Erm...Hello Again? (And: the Continuing Adventures of Manda)

    Actually, we're not yet officially engaged...We're just discussing it. Very seriously. I haven't even got a ring, yet! However, possibly sometime this year I'll be sending yall an actual "Squee! I'm engaged!" message. It just amazes me sometimes to hear him talk about WHEN we're married, and, as...
  8. Manda:-D

    Goin' Away - But not for long

    Bovegard! You're gi-normous! And completely NOT how I envisioned you! (I LIKE calling you "Bovegard.") Gonna hafta meet yah one o' these days...
  9. Manda:-D

    Bill Barretta is a Sexy Muppet Mans

    *Snicker* *Snerk* BWAHAHAHA! Beau, Scoot, you're fantabulous. I've missed you both so much! (Sarah, what sort of Monopoly are you suggesting here? Surely not, "go directly to jail and remove your shirt", right? ;) )
  10. Manda:-D

    Erm...Hello Again? (And: the Continuing Adventures of Manda)

    I'm legendary? Wow, that's...Odd. I don't think I'd ever consider myself a legend. ("Manda: The Girl, the Myth, the LEGEND." Just doesn't work.) Beau...I get the impression that you talkof me much. How sweet! Vic, I'm actually not that hot. Like, at all. I just tended to get attention from...
  11. Manda:-D

    Bill Barretta is a Sexy Muppet Mans

    Hmm...Dilemma. As I mentioned in my post, I AM very much taken....But Bill IS quite sexy...Perhaps...I can talk my boyfriend into lettin' me borrow Bill on occasion, anyways? Not to be sappy...But...Heck, I'll be sappy. I prefer mah fella. Even to Bill. (*Gasp!* 'Tis blasphemy!) Can Istill be a...
  12. Manda:-D

    Erm...Hello Again? (And: the Continuing Adventures of Manda)

    Aww...Thanks! 'Tis good to BE back! Seriously.
  13. Manda:-D

    Erm...Hello Again? (And: the Continuing Adventures of Manda)

    That is, granted I'm even remembered. Wow, I've missed this place! Is that the BBB thread I see ressurected for the bajillionth time?! Anyhoo...Figured a thread (might) be the best way to initiate some sort of an "I'm ba-ack!" message, though, given the schedule I keep, it's not likely I'll be...
  14. Manda:-D

    Fanfic--Words Enough

    Aw...That hasgot to be one of the cutest, sweetest fanfictions I've ever read. Actually, it reminded me of when Gonzo sang "The Wishing Song", and the chicken came upand told Gonzo SHE liked him. In my world, that's Camilla, who managed to choke out just those words because she meant them so...
  15. Manda:-D

    Who does Red love?

    Ah...The oft-debated question. Note, though, that the topic is "who is Red in love with," not "who would Red be best coupled with." Experience has oft taught me that you don't always fall for the people who would be best for you. Sometimes, conflict is bloody attractive. That being said, I...
  16. Manda:-D

    Movies from Books

    From what it looks like, the general impression is that, yes, while there are some great movies made out of books, the movies still, unfortunately, tend to pale in comparison to the fantastic-ness of the books they are based upon. I totally agree on this. Also, there's certainly plenty of movies...
  17. Manda:-D

    College, Anyone?

    Southeastern Louisiana University. Proud of it, too, so don't be messin' w/the Louisiana girl. ;) I'm actually going to be able to graduate in a year and half, which means I'll have finished in 3 1/2 years. However, I'm getting my PhD, probably at Catholic University in Washington, D.C, in order...
  18. Manda:-D


    I've only ever smashed things with a sledgehammer on Muppet Central. There was a whole thread about that kind of stuff, way back when....Good times, good times. Bet it WAS fun. I think everyone has a deep, primeval urge to smash something to pieces. I know it's one of the ways my friend's...
  19. Manda:-D

    MC Members & the Hurricane: AL, LA, MS, KY, GA, FL

    I live! A fact for which I am grateful. Yes, I live in New Orleans...In fact, Iam a native of Covington, which breifly made it on the weather channel, I believe. There's a lot of devestation in my neighborhood; many trees are down, (I have a few neighbors whose homes have trees on or IN them)...
  20. Manda:-D

    7,000 and still counting - a look back

    Ho-ly crap, Beau. HOW many posts??? Seriously, though, congrats to you, and...thanks for the thank you. ;) I know *I* wouldn't have made it as far as I've gotten on here if it weren't for you, and Byron, and Alex and Sarah and Beebers and Beth and Erin and...OK, I'll stop, now.