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  1. Docnzhoss

    Check out this Gold Tuxedo Gonzo exclusive!

    I never do this, but I figured if anyone should have a shot at buying one of my favorite figures in the entire Palisades line it should be you guys.
  2. Docnzhoss

    Favorite Muppet

    Favorite muppets, with memorable quotes: Rowlf: "Oh Mrs. Bear, I was chasin' the truck and boy, whaa!" (MFC) Dr. Teeth: "Golden teeth and golden tones, welcome to my presence." (TMM) Sam Eagle: "You are all weirdos!" (GMC) Link Hogthrob: "I look more interesting; you look weird!" (TMS) Gonzo...
  3. Docnzhoss

    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    YMBAOMF if you walk into a movie theater, turn the corner, and half-expect to see Kermit and the gang restlessly waiting for someone to "ROLL FILM! ROLL FILM!" YMBAOMF if you're watching any of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and you can't stop picturing him as a Muppet operator. YMBAOMF...
  4. Docnzhoss

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hi Beauregard! I remember...fragments...time has not been kind to this old, fragile mind ;)
  5. Docnzhoss

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Thanks! It's good to be back!
  6. Docnzhoss

    Muppet Childhood Memories

    Great conversation. If there's one thing I love it's waxing nostalgic. My earliest Muppet memory is receiving the set of the old 3-inch Fischer Price figures that included Kermit, Piggy, Rowlf, Scooter, Gonzo, Animal, and Fozzie. Each figure came with a white stick that you could insert into a...
  7. Docnzhoss

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone! Docnzhoss here, aka Ryan. I was once addicted, nay, ADDICTED to the Muppets and to Muppet Central. I loved the discussions, the games, and bragging about my Palisades collection. Now I'm a few years older, most of my figures are in storage (much like I imagine Rugby, Apple and...
  8. Docnzhoss

    What's your favorite baseball team?

    Sorry Ziffel, but I'm pulling for the Red Sox in the East and the Indians for the Wild Card. I don't want to see you're Yankees playing any October games this year. I'm sick enough about my Royals' horrid season, my stomach couldn't bear to see the Yanks in the playoffs again. If the Yankees...
  9. Docnzhoss

    How can 1 person really make a difference?

    If I had kids and wanted them to have some quality programming to watch, I'd have done the same thing you did. The only reason I never contacted Sesame Street to complain about Elmo and all their other characters with speech-impediments was that it felt strange being a childless...
  10. Docnzhoss

    Rough Times Ahead

    And I'll be doing the same for your great aunt. Take care of yourself and yours.
  11. Docnzhoss

    TV special to commemorate Kermit's 50 Years

    That's awesome news! This year should be a great one for Muppet fans; Happy birthday, Kermit!
  12. Docnzhoss

    Playset ideas

    The El Sleazo Cafe would have been cool, with perhaps Fozzie in bartender disguise and including a removable parlor piano (so Rowlf could have something besides his baby grand to play). I love the movie theater idea from TMM. Every time I walk into a somewhat crowded movie theater I am...
  13. Docnzhoss

    Rough Times Ahead

    It really is horrible when a loved one can't remember who you are. I had a great-aunt who died of Alzheimer's; she had gotten so bad that she kind of time-traveled in her mind and thought she was living life in her late teens/early twenties years, mistaking her daughter for her sister. I'm...
  14. Docnzhoss

    Gas Prices out of control

    Gas just shot up to $2.79 USD here in Kansas City. I really hope that prices drop after the holiday weekend. I agree with Vic that a boycott would not work simply because people would buy all their gas the day before or day after and the end result would be the same: moths will be flying from...
  15. Docnzhoss

    Stuff you can't do

    Math without calculators is like trying to sail without a boat. It's easy for those who can do math to criticize those of us who can't. Besides math, I can't: -bench-press my body weight -afford all the material things I want in this world -help disliking Muppet Christmas Carol -install...
  16. Docnzhoss


    To be honest, I don't know how I got through school. Like you, I am generally a laid back person. I think that is how you have to be when dealing with a stressful academic career, just play everything by ear and do your best. It helps to find a professor, advisor, etc. who can relate to you...
  17. Docnzhoss

    Muppet questions you were afraid to ask...

    Okay, I've got one... How does Lew Zealand get his fish to boomerang? I've bought fish and thrown them hoping they would come back but all I got was a big mess. So I guess what I'm asking is...Is it the fish or the wrist technique?
  18. Docnzhoss

    New movies coming out...

    My wife is a huge fan of The Transporter, and she is really upset that they released a sequel. She felt that the first was so good there would be no reason to continue the story. In reality, she found herself really pulling for the girl (played by Shu Qi) and I'm thinking she's afraid there'll...
  19. Docnzhoss

    Rough Times Ahead

    Okay, just found out last night that my grandma has six months or less to live. It's sad news, but I must admit that it's nice to have some kind of time-frame in mind. Before I found myself wondering if it would be two weeks or two years. It was determined that the cancer had spread...
  20. Docnzhoss

    Didja' ever get the feeling you're being watched?

    Well, according to the Lynda Carter episode, Rezal Evad Gib is some sort of alligator god who eats those who mentions his name (or at least maims them very badly).