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  1. jimmymontana

    Morning everyone Its almost upon us

    How do you feel about using something I've already created? My schedule is very tight for the next few weeks but I'm happy to submit a video of a sketch/song that I've created previously??
  2. jimmymontana

    Muppet Christmas Replica Pictures

    Hey Guys, I know this is a bit of an old thread but it's the festive season I thought I would post some pictures of my replicas getting ready for Christmas! Here they are wrapping a few presents and decorating the tree:
  3. jimmymontana

    Jarrod Boutcher eBay puppet

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I was lucky enough to win this puppet on eBay. I really wanted to thank Jarrod as not only is the puppet awesome but it arrived after 5 days (which is incredibly fast to travel from Australia to England)! Thank you so much!
  4. jimmymontana

    Let's see your Whatnots

    These guys are great! I love how you've created real characters not just bland background Whatnots!
  5. jimmymontana

    Updates on Muppets Build a Bear

    It did look great didn't it? I think it's definately worth a purchase! NaomiTheFrog - Love the video, good work!
  6. jimmymontana

    Updates on Muppets Build a Bear

    Here is my Miss Piggy I made today! I think she's great! Much better quality han I expected, I'm really happy that she doubles up as a plush and a basic puppet. Hopefully they will make other Muppet characters as it's great...
  7. jimmymontana

    Your Animal Replica Pictures

    Thanks, I know what you mean!
  8. jimmymontana

    Your Animal Replica Pictures

    Here are my replica's posing with the recent Muppet milk cartons!
  9. jimmymontana

    My MUPPET Whatnots & MR Photo Replicas

    This collection is awesome, what a fantastic collection!
  10. jimmymontana

    Beaker Replica

    This is amazing! Great work!
  11. jimmymontana

    Your Animal Replica Pictures

    Thank you! Yes, Gonzo was desperately searching for anything chicken related (I think he was just hoping some of the presents were for him!). It was a nightmare wrapping gifts as Animal kept eating the paper. I really do wish they made more replicas, kermit, animal and gonzo need some more...
  12. jimmymontana

    Your Animal Replica Pictures

    Thanks Puckrox!
  13. jimmymontana

    Your Animal Replica Pictures

    Hey Guys, Here are Animal & Gonzo helping me wrap (and open!) my Christmas peresents...
  14. jimmymontana

    Let's see your Whatnots

    Sorry Bazooka, hope this works beter!
  15. jimmymontana

    My Muppet Replicas

    You really have done a fantastic job with hese, you should be an inspiration to a lot of he people on here who talk about planning on building their own muppet puppet. It's great to see that you are so open to sharing your work and ideas, very impressive work!
  16. jimmymontana

    My Muppet replicas

    This is a great story, you and your friends are very talented. It's great to see your hard work pay off. Your puppets are awesome, keep up the hard work!
  17. jimmymontana

    Janice Replica

    This is fantastic, great work!
  18. jimmymontana

    Let's see your Whatnots

    Hey, I love seeing all of he different Whatnot pictures. It's great to see how different they all look even though they all come from the same three body types and colours. Below is a video I did using my Whatnots, it was a review of the new Twilight film that came out at he time. I know in...
  19. jimmymontana

    My first Muppet... Kermit!

    Looks fantastic, great work!
  20. jimmymontana

    Here's my new puppet advert

    Hey, Here's the follow up advert I did agsain starring my puppets. I hope you guys like it: