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  1. thatonekid

    how do you like my puppets?

    my mom and i have made these puppets for this little business type thing that we're going to have. this batch isn't for sale yet, we're taking them to a festival tommorrow but if they don't sell there they could for sale on ebay soon. cilck here to see the puppets (i made the two...
  2. thatonekid

    Moving Eyebrows

    hey guys, i'm making an old man puppet and i think it's going to turn out pretty cool. anyways i'm wanting to make it so that he doesn't have any eyes, just eyebrows, and i want to make these eyebrows move so that he can show more emotion. i allready have something that i think will work but...
  3. thatonekid

    The Best Rod Arms

    hey guys i'm new to muppetcentral and this place is pretty dang COOL! I love all these different topics, but I don't think anyone has asked this question before. what is the best type of rod arm? is it the kind that connects directly to the arm, or is it the kind with rubber bands? or is...