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    Google commercial featuring Muppets! Good Friends Rock Out in a Hangout - YouTube
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    Happy Birthday Effie!

    So tomorrow is Effie's birthday she's turning 14......gagh i can't wait!!!!!!!!!...............i wanted do this today because i couldn't wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!! :D
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    ElectricMayhem1's drawings

    My first drawing of Scooter..........many more later. Scooter by ~ElectricMayhem1 on deviantART
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    The Muppets Christmas Carol on The Hub Channel

    Tomorrow 11/13 at 8:00am the MCC with be on the Hub and that same day at 2:00pm the will pass it again on The Hub Dish: Channel 179 Time Warner Cable: channel 190/894 Direct TV: channel 294 AT&T U-Verse: channel 335/1335
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    The Muppets Premiere

    They are having The Muppets premiere with all the gang on the red carpet i got some pictures Twitter / Recent images by @DisneyD23
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    hi it's me and later on i will be writing a fan fic of Shiloh here is the cast Dr. teeth as Judd Travelers Scooter as Mart Preston Rowlf as Shiloh Kermit as Ray Preston Miss Piggy as Louise Preston Janice as Dara Lynn Preston Jackie as Becky Preston and many more
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    Any relatives here in MC

    who has any cousins, friends, and family members here at MC cause MissPiggyFan1 and i are cousins.
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    Going Back To School And Work Sucks

    hello today was the worst day of my life i had to go to school. Please share how you feel to go back to school or work. I just entered 5th grade and boy those my teacher look like she's gonna be mean. I like wanted to go home so badly i missed everything i use at home my Laptop, guitar...
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    I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are Part 2

    i added a new character Scooter as Rodney Bingenheimer (Cherie is learning Fever for her audition) (then goes to the trailer) Dr. Teeth: Wait guys oh Ms. Currie right on time so what song are you gonna perform to us Janice: Fever Micki: What thats a lame song we won't play that Joanie: Well do...
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    I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are

    Hello it's me again and this well be a parody of the movie The Runaways okay i hope you enjoy it sorry it will be short cause i have to go to sleep to watch Ok Go and The Muppets on that show at 11:35pm but tomorrow i''ll edit it Cast: Janice as Cherie Currie Joanie as Joan Jett Tory as Sandy...
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    My Muppet Made Ups

    I will be writing now Fan Fiction's with new characters They will be about Janice's all girl rock band Micki Steele Age: 20 Birthday: June 2 Micki lead singer of The Foxes. She is based on bass player Micki Steele. She is Zoot's girlfriend. Joanie Jett Age: 20 Birthday: September 22 Joanie...
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    The Muppets Go Rock

    Chapter 3 Floyd: Well i hope you hated those advertisements Janice: Fer sure okay number 8 ( Rowlf and The Electric Mayhem sings Black Dog ) Floyd: now number 9 (Janice sings and plays Crimson and Clover Joan Jett version backed by The Electric Mayhem) Janice: that was groovy and okay...
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    Fan Fiction A Muppet Titanic

    Hello it's moi again i will write a Muppet Titanic okay here is the cast ,okay i know what your wondering why didn't i put Miss Piggy as Rose well if i did that Janice will have to be the mother and i don't think Janice would like to be the mother and besides Miss Piggy looks more motherish...
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    The Muppets Go Rock

    Hi it is me again Chapter 1 Floyd: Hi here i'm am Floyd and here we are going to host a show which we called The Muppets goes Rock Janice: yeah like fer sure we well i mean us all Muppets will be doing hard rock songs Floyd: yeah it's going to be really groovy Janice: fer sure Floyd: okay...
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    The Muppet Show featuring Cherie Currie

    Okay this is my second fan fiction i think this one is better than my last fan fiction okay i hope you guys enjoy. Kermit: It's the Muppet Show with our very special guest star Cherie Currie Girls: It's time to play the music it's time to light the lights it's time to meet the Muppets on...
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    Janice Leaving The Electric Mayhem

    This Is My First Muppet Fan fiction Post I Am So Nervous Because I Have Never Posted Before I don't know why i want to do this i just had a dream last night and my dream was about that Janice left the electric mayhem and started a all girl rock band Chapter 1- Leaving Lot's of people started...