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  1. wulster

    First rough custom puppet build

    Yeah I did the puppet and voice. I am better with the puppet than seen in these videos as both time the given locations were not suitable. The real location for his show was not ready yet but I think people will like it. ill add some pics below. I know what you mean about hair, it was just...
  2. wulster

    First rough custom puppet build

    Episode two, altered the puppet a bit, made a body with rod arms and hands and replaced the hair/beard for some stuff that flows a bit better to add life.
  3. wulster

    Kermieuk makes a Kermit puppet

    Nice job, cool puppet
  4. wulster


    I did have a few test puppets at various stages, when I get time ill open up the storage and see what I didn't totally scrap and let you know.
  5. wulster

    First rough custom puppet build

    made a quick puppet for a wee tv show one of the kids wanted to make. thought I might share
  6. wulster


    UPDATE 1: Couple of pics of my Kermit along with a great robin puppet I got in a trade from a new friend on these boards. Thanks m8 ;) The Kermit has been modified a little since the last pics but as it is not on a hand you can't really tell, but I felt it is improved a little. UPDATE 2...
  7. wulster

    Professor puppet and new Kermit replica

    I wouldn't worry the pictures are there fine m8. pb was down at the time they posted ;)
  8. wulster

    Professor puppet and new Kermit replica

    nice work, this is the way I plan to do my next Kermit head working from the mouth out. looks great m8, cant wait to see him done.
  9. wulster


    Thanks, it is a work in progress as usual. At this point I think I can see in the one I have done now, what is needed to change to make it better again..need to wait till I can get some proper fleece. The photo is one of several deconstructed muppet pictures mostly of Kermit taken back in the...
  10. wulster

    Beaker in progress

    looking superb m8 well done.
  11. wulster

    Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Replica

    Cool, nice work m8.
  12. wulster

    Yoda puppet

    This little guy was never fully completed before going into storage with all my other props and costumes but got him out the other day. Thought I'd take a few pictures while shooting my Kermit. It is a latex head made by talented prop maker Cyberman on the rpf. Got it from his first run and I...
  13. wulster


    Made some alterations to the head, reshaped the body plug, replaced the arms stuffing with shaped foam inserts, added black sleeve attached to the inner lining that can tuck inside or pull up and over the green sleeve, added new legs giving him a more shaped thigh and calf. Still want to add a...
  14. wulster

    Beaker in progress

    looking good m8
  15. wulster

    Just made a Puppet building tutorial!

    I have used around 3 different brands of carpet tile adhesive sprays and all worked fine. watch over spray and set out a good work area and it is fairly easy to work with, do some tests first. If your not careful you'll end up with furry fingers lol In most cases ive always had to put it on...
  16. wulster


    Hey all, here is where I am at with my quest to build my own Kermit. After lots of test puppets this was the last one I put together. Lightly based on the version of the puppet that I remember as a child with the longer head and double neck and tried to get the older look with the cloth. I am...
  17. wulster

    Kermit replica

    Lookin good, love the bear..would do one myself but not found any fur good enough yet. I just used my body pattern to create a 4 section internal body from 30mm foam a can of rug spray glue and a pair of shears.
  18. wulster

    Wanted: Yoda Freeman Head Cast

    the best you will get is a head made by cyberman on the rpf, costly but worth it. if he is still doing runs they can be solid fibreglass resin or latex for a puppet. ive a 3 quarter completed accurate puppet with sourced glass eyes, real material etc..they pretty cool its in storage atm cos im...
  19. wulster

    Kermit build help required

    The latest incarnation of Kermit t Frog. Using different fleece more like antron and a better colour felt. The black lining of the sleeve pulls out and can roll up neatly over the green if required. He is still not perfectly stitched still learning so bit rough here n there. I made a last...