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    Anyone see Garfield the Movie yet

    Can I ask were you heard that? The American Humane society is one of the films promotional partners , I don't belive the AHS would be assiocated with a movie that was cruel to the...
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    Muppets on Austin City Limits?

    I was trying to find Austin City Limits ( a great PBS show) on DVD and came across this link Any one rember that? I missed it. If you want to hear the song they did go to and click on the GPN music player then...
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    Who all is in the Electric Mayhem?

    Here Here! My bigest let down with MFS was the sound track. I mean I own sevral "Sounds of the 70's" and "FUNK-a-Rama" and "Fan-FUNK-ing Tastic" type cds already. I wanted to hear the EM!
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    For Those Who Reed and Right

    :sing: Gotta four-wheel drive and I park it in the driveway When I get drunk I drive it on the parkway :sing: sorry that just came to mind
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    Kermit ad in License!

    I get a trade mag. called License! (the ! is part of the name) and saw this full page ad ( I scaned it and put it on my page, it will be up for a couple weeks) As you might ahve guessed by my avitar , Im not thrilled about Disney owning the puppets. Having...
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    End of "Friends"

    You ROCK! I was thinking Zepplin for some reason. Thanks again
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    Why did CTW become Sesame Workshop?

    What I heard was with the internet , books and other things they were doing that they wanted a name that reflected that they were more than a TV production outfit. I belive after they bought the seasame muppets from EM.TV they became Seasame Workshop.
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    End of "Friends"

    what was that song? Anyone know the name of the song they played at the very end? I think I have heard it before, I dont think It was written for this episode.
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    Garfield Movie Characters

    Thankya Thankya very much
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    Garfield Movie Characters

    Heathcliff and the Catilac cats dvd (sort of) "What's more, UAV has loaded up the DVD with 2 Bonus episodes of Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats: "House of the Future" and "Who's Got the Chocolate?" All of this is on a 92-minute disc that goes...
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    Garfield Movie Characters

    Who was your fave cat? Wordsworth was mine but I also loved Mongo.
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    Garfield Movie Characters

    Here are some links Garfield as himself Garfield and friends season one If you love the cartoon show be sure and check out this Its the webpage of the guy who wrote the cartoons (his name will be familiar to anyone who rembers trying to read those credits on Sat morning).
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    Garfield Movie Characters

    The Ted Kinght Show had a Garfield story line once. Is that it?
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    Garfield Movie Characters

    Hi Ho I would like to way in on some of the comments here. First of I am not objective, I am a Huge Garfield follower, have toured Paws Inc and have meet Jim Davis (and his parents for that mater) twice. So If I sound one sided its only because I am. “man... I'm totally disappointed in...
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    I Hate Those Claw Machines!

    But I really REALLY Hate Naanco toys. They refuse to sell the Muppets, Mr. Potatoheads, and Heathcliffs on the @#$% open market. They only sell it to arcades and carnivals. The worst is that their office is in Chelsea, MA, so I could drive up there and give them my complaints. The way it...
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    What bargains did YOU find today?

    Sorry to hear that (i love thrift stores) Goodwill has there own ebay-esue web page Sometimes you can find cool stuff there on the cheap (or cheaper than ebay anyhow).
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    Songs the Electric Mayhem should cover...

    Oh wow! Thanks :) All these years I thought I had got in to the bad Kool-Aid.
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    Songs the Electric Mayhem should cover...

    50 ways to leave your lover - Paul Simon As a kid I got that mixed up with "Can You Picture That" all the the time. I can so hear Floyd singing 50 ways :sing:
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    What's your favorite letter segment?

    Man I will be humming that for a week now : ) Not too many pepole seem to rember that one, or at least they dont admit to it when , lets say you take a number at the post office and its 12, then start singing :sing: 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9,10 11,12 do do do doo do do doot DooT Twelve! :sing...