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    Meeting Muppet performers at DragonCon

    So I just got home from DragonCon, and let me tell ya, it was a heck of an experience! First I met Peter Linz. He was coaching these puppeteers doing something called "Puppet Ninja Challenge." And to show them how proud he was, he brought out Walter! I could not believe Walter was right in front...
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    Weldon the IT Guy (Internet Troll)

    Steve Whitmire now has his own puppet character named Weldon who's a literal Internet troll. He's really funny I think. Here's the first of his live shows that he did last night:
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    Avenue Q puppets say "Goodbye"

    Since Avenue Q is sadly closing, Rick Lyon made this touching video of the male puppets singing a certain song from MTM. I'm sure you guys will love it.
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    Morgan Leger reviews MFS and EIG

    This internet critic I'm a fan of finally reviewed two movies I wanted him to do for a long time: MFS and EIG. Thankfully he doesn't go too hard on them. Plus it ends with a funny parody of I Love Trash. What do you guys think of it?
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    VeggieTales creator responds to racism claims

    A website criticized VeggieTales for being racist because the villains are often minorities. Phil Vischer and his friend Skye had a hilarious discussion about it. Let me know what you think.
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    TV Alert: Kermit, Piggy, Pepe and Beaker on Drop the Mic Wednesday January 30, 2019

    Kermit, Piggy, Pepe and Beaker will be on Drop the Mic tonight at 10 PM.
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    ElmoWars (An Info Wars Parody)

    So Steve Swanson and JD Hansel made this parody of InfoWars with JD doing an impression of Elmo that I think is brilliant. Even the people who don't listen to podcasts like @LittleJerry92 and @D'Snowth should take the time to listen to this cause, you'll laugh your head off, plus it's not that...
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    Muppets on Family Feud: All 5 episodes

    I just found all the episodes of Family Feud that featured the Muppets back in 2001. Enjoy! , , , ,
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    Sesame Parodies Bye Bye Bye

    I really love how thanks to HBO's funding, Sesame is able to make song parodies using the actual music. I have to say the autotune sounds so cool, particularly on Peter Linz as Ernie.
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    Puppets on Life in Pieces

    Here's a fun puppet musical from last night's episode of Life in Pieces. Leslie Carrara plays the monkey and Joey Mazzarino plays the lobster. Tim Lagasse and Donna Kimball were also involved.
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    Muppets on Love TV

    The Muppets made an appearance on Love Magazine's YT page. The best part is Kermit and Piggy have an emotional moment toward the end. This shows Piggy's had development starting with the ABC series. If Piggy and Kermit are ever gonna get back together, Piggy needs to show some real emotions and...
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    Below the Frame Season 2 Episode 6: Season Finale

    In the season finale, Matt's sons introduce the show, the Muppet Lounge band goes all Emmet Otter, we learn from Jen Barnhart what it's like to inherit Zoe, and Tyler Bunch gives a great performance of Keep Christmas With You:
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    Below the Frame Season 2 Episode 5: Specials

    In the newest episode of Below the Frame, the gang talks about Sesame Street specials. Plus it's Stephanie's birthday, and at the end, she sings a beautiful version of True Blue Miracle.
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    Below the Frame Season 2 Episode 4: Music

    I think @LittleJerry92 would like this: A fan asked the group to chose between Little Jerry and the Monotones or Chrissy and the Alphabeats.
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    Below the Frame Season 2 Episode 2: Muppet Characters Part 1

    Since a thread hasn't been made yet, I might as well say it here. On the latest episode, Carmen gave a great performance of I Love My Elbows, and when I complemented her on her voice, she liked my comment. , ,
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    TV Alert: Elmo on Nightline August 24, 2017

    Tonight Elmo and Sharie Westin are gonna be talking about the Sesame projects helping refugee children. Be sure to tune into ABC at 12:30.
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    Play With Me Sesame Season 3

    This YT channel has clips from the final season of Play With Me Sesame that was never shown in America.
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    Piggy and Chef on MasterChef Jr. May 4, 2017

    Tonight Piggy and Chef are on MasterChef Jr on Fox.
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    Jennifer Barnhart's Zoe!

    We finally have audio of Jen's Zoe! It's very, very brief, but it's the best we're gonna get:
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    The Fozzie Awards.

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I just want everyone to know about this fantastic award show made by the ToughPigs: