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  1. Docnzhoss

    Check out this Gold Tuxedo Gonzo exclusive!

    I never do this, but I figured if anyone should have a shot at buying one of my favorite figures in the entire Palisades line it should be you guys.
  2. Docnzhoss

    Rough Times Ahead

    Hey all. I've never done this before, but I'm feeling pretty glum right now. I just found out that my grandma has lung cancer (and has for some time, apparently). It's spread into her lymph nodes and while the doctors try to keep us positive, the outlook doesn't look good. As if that...
  3. Docnzhoss

    Frank Oz's Visit, Health, Parents, Etc.

    As you may or may not know, I live in Kansas City. Last night, I came home to a darkened apartment with a wife in bed asleep. I was completely awake so I thought I would stay up and catch up on my crossword puzzles from my local paper. I opened up Thursday's edition and to my surprise, I saw...
  4. Docnzhoss

    Tonight: The (Person??) is Back!!

    Tonight, live in Kansas City, is none other than Sir Elton John! And guess what? I will be there! Nine rows back! That's right, it's Elton John's Peachtree Road Tour and my wonderful wife bought tickets for me as a birthday present. I really like Elton John's music (I've been...
  5. Docnzhoss

    Who's your favorite American?

    Hey everyone. I was on AOL checking my email when an advertisement caught my eye. "Who is the Greatest American?" I clicked the link and I got to write in five choices. Wanna know who I voted for? Here they are (in no particular order): Abraham Lincoln Jim Henson Susan B. Anthony...
  6. Docnzhoss

    Modifying Link Hogthrob

    Hey everyone. I just ordered S6 Patrol Bear Fozzie and an extra S4 Link Hogthrob. My plan is to modify Link and give him Patrol digs. I would like to ask what kind of paint would be best to use for such a project? Also, some suggestions regarding his official police ribbons and/or his police...
  7. Docnzhoss

    Sweetums a Sailor!

    Hey guys, hey guys, I just got an email from is on the sea! He's coming, he's coming!
  8. Docnzhoss

    TMS-Clint Eastwood

    Special Guest Star: Clint Eastwood Pops is standing behind his desk, throwing darts at a dartboard. Clint Eastwood comes through the door, Pops turns his attention to him. Pops: Hey, who are you? Clint: (Squinting and looking mean) I’m Clint Eastwood, tonight’s guest on your show. Pops...