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  1. MuppetsRule

    Palisades Rizzo figure for sale

    I have a Palisades Rizzo figure for sale on e-Bay if you are interested. Here is the link. Rizzo Figure If you are interested and would like to make me an offer here I could save some seller fees and would sell it cheaper
  2. MuppetsRule

    2019 Muppets Hallmark Ornament: Lights! Camera! Kermit!

    Surprised there wasn't a thread for this already, but introducing the 2109 Hallmark Muppets ornament. Hallmark had the ornament premiere today and I picked my Kermit ornament up today. It's a fantastic looking ornament although a couple of disappointments and one major surprise. First, it would...
  3. MuppetsRule

    Links not working on home page

    Noticed this yesterday. On the Muppet Central Homepage when I click on the links in the top banner they do not work. If I click on the Forums tab it does nothing. When I click on the Collectibles tab it does nothing. None of the tabs work on the homepage. They seem to work from any other page...
  4. MuppetsRule

    For sale: Palisades Muppet mini figures and Hallmark Muppet Bus

    Hi ho I currently have for sale a couple of Palisades Muppet mini figures including Miss Piggy and Scooter, Thog & Sam the Eagle Also for sale is the Electric Mayhem Bus ornament by Hallmark They can be found here...
  5. MuppetsRule

    Muppet items for sale

    Making room in my collection and decided to part with a few items from my display case to make room for others. Check them out: Miss Piggy's Kermitage collection La Danseur Degas figure Kermitage Collection Green Boy figure...
  6. MuppetsRule

    Kermitage Green Boy Kermit & Miss Piggy La Danseur Degas

    Considering selling my Kermitage Green Boy Kermit & Miss Piggy La Danseur Degas Statues to make room for other items in my collection. Before I put them up on e-Bay, if anyone is interested PM me with an offer. I'd like to save on e-Bay fees and get these in to the hands of some serious Muppet...
  7. MuppetsRule

    Muppets: Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm

    Excuse me if this is a duplicate but I didn't see a thread on this. Looks like we'll be getting a new book in October...
  8. MuppetsRule

    Favorite Christmas Songs

    I know there's another thread for Least Favorite/Most Favorite Christmas songs but let's concentrate on posting your favorite Christmas songs. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year let's make this a positive thread. There's plenty other times of the year to be negative. Here's always one...
  9. MuppetsRule

    Sigma Muppet Picture frame with Kermit photographer

    Reducing my Muppet collection. For sale is a Muppet picture frame by Sigma
  10. MuppetsRule

    Muppet Show Gallery Art

    Not sure where to post this but here it is Anybody here happen to be honored to have their art work in this show?
  11. MuppetsRule

    Hallmark's 2017 Muppet Ornament

    Hallmark's Muppet Christmas ornament this year celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Muppet Christmas Carol
  12. MuppetsRule

    April Fools: Muppet Central April Fools Day banner update?

    Not sure if this should go in the Feedback section or the Web section or here. Mods feel free to move to the appropriate section. But anyhow, I always noticed that on April Fools Day that the main banner for the forums has the characters upside down. Been that way for several years IIRC. I...
  13. MuppetsRule

    Jim Henson Company Christmas Cards

    I'm thinning out my collection and selling some duplicates. I have for sale 3 different Jim Henson Company Christmas cards. They can be found here:
  14. MuppetsRule

    Starbucks Muppet Finger Puppets For Sale I just listed some Starbucks finger puppets for sale on e-Bay if any one is interested.
  15. MuppetsRule

    For Sale: Sigma Mugs and Palisades Blue Jacket Rizzo

    Hey all Doing some fall cleaning around the house and I have some extra items in my collection that I am selling. Thought I'd give you all a chance before I list them on e-Bay Blue jacket Rizzo figurre made by Palisades with all it's accessories Miss Piggy Mug by Sigma Rare Dr. Teeth Mug by...
  16. MuppetsRule

    Video: The Muppets and the NFL with Frank Caliendo

    I was listening to local radio (Milwaukee) on my way to work this morning. They were talking to Frank Caliendo who is a Milwaukee native. Caliendo is an impressionist and does a bit on the ESPN Monday Night Football pre-game show. He wasn't sure if he was allowed to say it but he said this...
  17. MuppetsRule

    FS: DISNEY Twenty+Three Magazine featuring the Muppets

    I have for sale the Winter 2011 issue of the Disney Twenty+Three magazine. On the cover is a picture of the Muppet gang with the headline: INSIDE The FUZZY, FURRY, FANTASTIC WORLD OF THE MUPPETS Exclusive Set Visit Great Muppet Moments Remembering The Legendary Jim Henson Also in the...
  18. MuppetsRule

    FS: Palisades Muppet action figures

    I have extras of the following loose figures and looking to sell them. Am offering them here to dedicated Muppet fans before I list them on e-Bay Series 6: PATROL BEAR FOZZIE comes with all accessories except one of the pouches for his belt Series 1: KERMIT comes with coffee mug Series...
  19. LipsGF4Life

    2016 Hallmark Ornament: Electric Mayhem Bus???!!!

    I would love to have that on my wall!!!