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    For Sale: Best of the Muppet Show (volumes #1-15)

    I have about 6 of these already, would you sell the other 9?
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    Zoot for sale

    Sorry I already have listed it on ebay and it's going soon. Sorry
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    Zoot for sale

    Goes in 1 hour!!!!!!!
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    Zoot for sale

    Zoot Goes Tonight!!! THE zoot goes tonight!!!!! PLease take a look he is still quite cheap!!
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    Zoot for sale

    THe only Yellow Zoot is going soon on ebay, 1 day and a bit left. Thanks
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    Zoot for sale

    Zoot is MOC on card, Great condition, only a couple days away. Thnx
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    Zoot for sale

    Hello I finally put up my Zoot Moc Yellow shirt on ebay, due to financial circumstances. Please bid and thank you for your time Thnx again
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    Electric Mayhem playset for sale

    Hello, just wanted everyone know that I will have some stuff going up on ebay soon starting with the electric mayhem playset with animal MOC. More toys and autographs will be coming soon... hopefully a moc zoot yellowshirt too... thanks Dj lew
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    Anyone interested in mint Statler/Waldorf plushes with tags?

    Are these the Igel :sleep: :boo: or the new sabba pimped out one's? thnx, do you have a pic? Dj lew
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    Brian Henson's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Brian!!!! Mine is on the 10th of November!!! It is good to have such a role model have a close B-day and be a Scorpio!!! Dj lew
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    The Grogs Need Puppet Help

    Hey Buck Where was this posted? Thanks Dj lew
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    Nanco Beaker for trade for Electric Mayhem plush

    just need pepe plush and electric mayhem Hello. I just got a bunsen honeydew plush today, I am know looking to trade a 15" beaker for either Pepe plush or the electric mayhem beanie set. Thanks
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    Nanco Beaker for trade for Electric Mayhem plush

    Hi!!! Hello I only have beaker for a trade. He is 15" tall, a great plush!!! I will trade him for either bunsen honeydew plush nanco, pepe plush nanco or the electric mayhem beanie set. Thanks Dj lew
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    Nanco Beaker for trade for Electric Mayhem plush

    also would also trade for a bunsen honeydew or a pepe!!
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    Nanco Beaker for trade for Electric Mayhem plush

    Hello I have a middle sized nanco stuffed beaker plush for trade, I am looking to trade for the electric mayhem plush beanie set from sabbada. Thanks Dj lew
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    Hey Buck-Beaver I have been trying to contact you, but the system won't let me email or pm you. Anyway Hi, my name is Derek, I used to be involved with animation but am trying to do the crossover into Puppetry. I recently did a two day course with Rob Mills at Radical Sheep and am looking...
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    Sigma Statler and Waldorf Bookends

    Bookends!!! Did you find the bookends? I ended up getting one of them just know on ebay for 10$ US. Now I am looking for my missing bookend. Dj lew
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    zoot repaint

    In Canada we pay 15.99 for each figure!!!! So, stop complaining the local comic book store does have a zoot repaint but the charge about 20 canadian for it. Do you have anything to trade for it?
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    EB Gonzo and Piggy for trade or sale

    I tried emailing you but the message got sent back to me, anyway I can help you with the Colledtors Club tour Animal thing, and I am intrested in trading with you for the gonzo EB ex, email me wht you are looking for to trade and I will also hook you up with a form for Tour Animal. Dj lewzealand
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    McDonald's Sam the Eagle & The Swedish Chef for trade

    Hey I emailed you on a possible solution, email me back if intrested!!