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  1. argonautika


    I am looking to sell a Master Replica Kermit. He has only been out of the box once and never posed. I wanted to offer him up to members of the forum first before I post him on Ebay. I figured this way I knew he would go to a good home. I will post some pictures to the thread this evening. I...
  2. argonautika

    Muppet/puppet sizes

    Last Christmas I received a WhatNot and though I like it I feel the size of a Muppet should be bigger. I imagine it has something to do with all the behind the scenes photos i have seen over the years of the Muppet Show and Sesame Street. I have decided I would like to make my own WhatNot. As...
  3. argonautika

    Borsa puppet pattern

    Waiting for the pattern to arrive thought I would pick up material. Does anyone know about how much material the pattern might require? I guess I'm kind of anxious.