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    Happy birthday, Richard Hunt

    Hi, everyone, it's the elusive Muppet Newsgirl dropping back in - sorry I haven't been around much in the last few months, but between work and a million other things... Just wanted to wish a happy birthday to the late (or just slightly tardy) and very great Richard Hunt. We love you, Richie...
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    TMS Outline: Nik Kershaw

    My first attempt at a TMS outline. I've been meaning to do one of these for a while, as I get my creative juices back in gear for a full-length fanfic. Since it's a tad on the long side, it'll be a two-parter. --- TMS Outline: Nik Kershaw Synopsis: Singer-songwriter Nik Kershaw...
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    Frights, Camera, Action: A Muppet Mystery

    Here now is another Muppet mystery, my third so far. I've been working on this one for quite a while now - it kept getting stuck, but I'm going to try to see it through to completion. Synopsis: The city of Hensonville is getting ready to host its first locally-made film festival, "Reel Time,"...
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    Happy birthday, Richard Hunt

    Another Aug. 16 has rolled around, so it's time to wish a happy 58th birthday and a resounding "Your face!" to the man who gave us Scooter, Janice, Beaker, Statler, Sweetums, Junior Gorg, Forgetful Jones... Happy birthday, Richard! ;):flirt::eek:
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    Walter Cronkite dead at 92

    We've lost another icon. (removes fedora with press card tucked in the brim, and holds it over heart) Rest in peace, Walter, and may you deliver the latest breaking reports from that news desk up in the sky.
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    Plane goes down in Hudson River

    Have you guys heard about this? It sounds like everyone got out okay, thank goodness...but some of the passengers were in the water for a few minutes. The temps are just above freezing around here. It's amazing the pilots...
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    RIP Richard Hunt

    It's been 17 years now... Rest in peace, Richard, and many thanks for all the Muppet-related laughs and giggles you gave (and still give) to fans all over the world. ;):flirt::boo:
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    Flight of the Golden Albatross: A Muppet Mystery

    Flight of the Golden Albatross A Muppet Mystery Synopsis: The Golden Albatross is a fabulous jeweled necklace worth a king's ransom, and it is loaned to a museum several cities away by its wealthy (but not exactly careful) owner. However, the Albatross vanishes while in transit, and...
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    Happy Birthday, Richard Hunt

    Many Muppets, many voices, many personas...and one excellent Muppeteer to play them all. Happy birthday, Richard, and God bless and keep you. ;) :eek: :boo:
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    RIP Beverly Sills

    We've lost another TMS guest star - Beverly Sills died today at age 78, from complications of lung cancer.
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    Wanted: Fan art or photos related to Richard Hunt

    Okay, everyone, I'm delivering a special announcement on behalf of Amanda Smith, aka beakersbreakers, aka Richard Hunt's niece. She's doing an art project as a present for her grandmother (Richard's mother Jane), and she is looking for photos/pictures of things that the fans have made...
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    Bono becomes a knight

    Just heard about this on CNN: Bono's just been knighted. :sing: But since he's from the Republic and not from Northern Ireland, he can't be called 'sir,' and he doesn't like that title anyway. But he says 'Lord of lords' and 'your demigodness' are perfectly acceptable. :)
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    AIDS Quilt Panel for Richard Hunt RHLC members: Here's the photo, like I promised. Hope you like it! Rest of the forum: Guys, for the last two months, my mother and I have been working on a new AIDS quilt panel for Richard. It's mostly done; Beaker and Janice still need to be...
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    Happy Birthday, Richard Hunt!

    All right, gang, today's the day! Happy birthday, Richard, and God bless you for all the silliness you brought to us! ;) :flirt: :eek:
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    GMC Bike Scene - I was there

    Well, not really. But my family and I visited the park where they filmed it while we were in London last week (that's why I haven't posted anything in the last several days), and I wanted to mention that. We flew in late Friday morning/early Friday afternoon, and we were all a little wasted...
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    FanFic: A Little Knight Music

    Well, gang, I've decided to post a story of my own, contribute to the delightful state of madness on the forum. It's a mystery, a comedy, a slice-of-life vignette and assorted other stuff. Kermit and the others are getting ready to present a new play, a musical loosely based on the legend of...