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    Video of Elmo with Richard Hunt's voice

    I looked but didn't see this posted anywhere. In 1984-85, Richard Hunt took over the Elmo character from Brian Muehl. I had always wondered what the Richard Hunt Elmo sounded like, and if he appeared in any street scenes or was actually referred to as "Elmo". All that is answered in this...
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    Was the early, non-Kevin Clash Elmo ever in any street scenes?

    I know in Elmo's early years on the show (around 1979-1984) he was puppetered by Brian Muehl and then for a short while by Richard Hunt before Kevin Clash took over for good in/around 1985, and then the rest is history. I've seen a few clips of the non-Kevin Clash Elmo ("Me, Claudius", "We're...
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    Trade for SS episodes from first 15 years

    Does anyone have any copies of VHS tapes or DVDs of early sesame street episodes (1969-1985)? I don't have other episodes to trade (I've long since lost the old tapes I recorded back then), but I do have large stash of other VHS tapes and collections that some of you out there may be looking...
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    Sesame cameos in Muppets take Manhattan

    i was watching this film last night for the first time in over a decade, and i forgot about the cameo appearance the classic sesame street gang makes at the end in the wedding chapel. it was great to see the classic characters all together...including the ones who seem to have...
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    Debuts of muppets

    I was wondering about the debut circumstances for some of the major SS characters (both past and present)...for instance, does anyone know the details of the debut for Prairie Dawn? (e.g., year, episode, what was the skit?)... In particular I was wondering about how Telly and Elmo first...
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    Boxed set of classic SS episodes -- coming soon??

    Just an fyi, for the hey of it, i sent the sesameworkshop folks an email asking if they had or could/would sell complete episodes of classic sesame street from the 70s-80s. Below is the reply i got: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we cannot provide segments, or any video of past...
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    Interesting site with many old, classic pics

    Haven't seen this posted before, but if it has my apologies. check out this web site with quite a few old photos (some color, some b/w) of the original cast members, retired/forgotten muppets, and early, weird-looking versions of the show's main staples. fascinating to see Bob and Linda as...
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    The Jazzy Spies/Bert & Ernie transition

    Hey, let me see if I got this right or not. Anyone remember that old counting cartoon with the racing cars (some call it the 'jazzy spies' series, because the cartoon always ended with these 10 spies in trenchcoats, and a lady singing 1-2-3-4-5-6...10)? well, i seems to remember that...
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    Anyone remember this lost album?

    i remember as a kid having an LP record album of a bunch of sesame street characters singing songs...but in Bert's bathroom. basically, the album starts with Bert trying to take a bath, and then gets interrupted by Ernie (of course), and so starts a hilarity of typical Bert/Ernie banter. this...
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    A possible Mumford skit?

    Okay, I have a very vague recollection of a skit from probably the mid to late 70s, and i need some verification as to whether or not it's real or imagined... Basically it involves Mumford in Mr. Hooper's store...and he uses his magic to change the bar stools from blue (or maybe they were...
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    That's about the size of it

    this was probably one of my all time favorite ditties from classic ss....the animated short was memorable too. anyone have or know where i can get a mp3 of the song? i've tried kazaa file-sharing programs and the like but haven't gotten many good bits for my ss catalog. thx
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    See if anybody remembers this one

    haven't seen this one talked about on here's really trippin'. it's a short animated skit of the letter z....real old, probably from early's an all white background with nothing but a simply drawn, orange-colored character as the 'protagonist' of starts...