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    Getting the Jokes (Ten years later)

    I love TV Tropes! :)
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    Scatterbrained's Website of the Week: Muppet Central

    Hey guys. I just thought I'd let everyone know that I have selected Muppet Central for my blog's Website of the Week! If you are interested, here's the post: And the blog itself can always be found at...
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    Rare Muppets Pics and Adverts....

    I find it interesting that the "Jim Henson and His Muppet Family" picture includes so many characters on the more obscure side... I mean, if you think Labyrinth, you probably think Hoggle; if you think Dark Crystal, you probably think Skeksis; if you think TMS, you probably think Kermit or...
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    Favorite TMS Scene?

    Hands-down, no contest, winner-take-all, my favorite scene is when Kermit fires Piggy. That scene ALWAYS sends me into hysterical laughter, no matter how many times I watch it. Kermit gets mad sometimes, sure, but I don't think he's ever been THAT mad before or since... and it makes for the...
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    Getting the Jokes (Ten years later)

    Like you, as a kid, I just accepted all the wackiness and zaniness and took it for granted. It's only been in recent years, when I rewatched some of the movies or old episodes, that I have realized that these things are supposed to be silly or absurd. :) There are several such moments in GMC...
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    IMDb daily poll, August 22: The Muppets stomp the competition.

    Check it out... The question for today (August 22) is "What's your favorite cast of puppets or marionettes from user 'anarresa's' list? (With additions from IMDb staff)" and options include the TMS and SS Muppets, and the Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and Storyteller...
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    Guess who graduated college today...

    Thanks guys! And, for the record, I was accepted to graduate school and will be starting next month!
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    101 Muppets of Sesame Street - National Post

    This is cool:
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    The Muppets and

    I love it! I have a whole set of those glasses... I forget how many of each design, because they're all packed up and ready to use whenever I get my own place! :) I look for 'em at every yard sale and flea market I go to. :)
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    Guess who graduated college today...

    I did! That's right, as of today, yours truly is the proud holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. I have applied for graduate school (Library Science) and am waiting to hear from them, but for now, I'm basking in the glow of finishing my undergrad work! Yaaaay!
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    Origin Of Kermit Quote

    It sounds like a keynote address or a speech at a graduation ceremony. I'm sure Kermit did those kind of things back when, but I don't have any details. Someone around here surely does, though. Wherever it came from, I agree: it is a great quote. Welcome to the forum!
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    The Muppets and

    This was on IMDb the other day. :)
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    What Movie are you Currently Watching?

    I watched August Rush with a friend on Sunday... it was beautiful!
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    Proud Muppet Dad Report

    I remember those sheets!
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    The Muppet Bus on SNL

    I thought that they nailed the voices pretty well.
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    Your style is lovely... I like yours a lot better than Landridge's! You have captured the "essence" of the characters while still being a little avant-garde. I look forward to seeing more!
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    Idea: Muppet Programming Schedule

    Love the ideas!
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    A Documentary All Muppet Fans Should See

    I loved ShowBiz as a kid... I miss it! The movie sounds great... I hope I get a chance to see it.
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    What Movie are you Currently Watching?

    I am currently watching Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. It's over four hours long, so I'm taking it in sections. :) I watched one hour of it on Tuesday, another hour last night, and I'll see if I can squeeze a little more out tonight, after homework. :)