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  1. Minstrel Mayhem

    RIP John Henson

    This really saddened me. I only finished Jim Henson's biography the other day, learning a lot about the Henson family. I really feel for his family.
  2. Minstrel Mayhem

    Question About a Big Bird Cookie Jar.

    A long shot, I'm sure, but I'm curious about this cookie jar I have. I love knowing when things are from, and stuff like that. Muppets Inc. is carved on the bottom, so I assume it was made prior to 1974. Haven't been able to find much more information online.
  3. Minstrel Mayhem

    Your Thoughts: The Muppets Character Encyclopedia

    I ordered mine from the Book Depository... usually only takes a week to get here after shipping, and is cheaper than buying retain in Australia 90% of the time.