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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 41

    Realize I haven't been here in awhile, but your comment about Sherlock Hemlock made me think of ANOTHER "obscure" Sesame Muppet - The Amazing Mumford - being that there is now a BAND called "Mumford and Sons", they should USE Mumford (the Muppet) in a segment, perhaps singing a song about the...
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    Music video parodies you wish Sesame could have done

    and one more... "Adding Case" by Green Guys ("Basket Case" by Green Day) Verse 1: Tell your mom and dad To listen to me add The numbers one and one and one all at once One and one is two, And one more makes three, it's true And three and one is four, no doubt about it Chorus: Well, adding...
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    Music video parodies you wish Sesame could have done

    thought of one! "Roxanne (You Don't Have to Go At the Stop Light)" by The Lead Police (or perhaps How Now Brown and The Moo Wave?) Verse 1: Roxanne you don't have to go at the stop light The red light's for stopping And the green light's for going, day and night! Roxanne, remember when you...
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    Music video parodies you wish Sesame could have done

    Sorry for the late reply, but yeah! I would LOVE to see how those drawings turn out, so link me to 'em when/if you get 'em done! :D
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    Music video parodies you wish Sesame could have done

    Oooh great thread! :D I like some of your ideas you made up awhile ago like "God Save the 14" by The X Pestles. Instead of "Nooooo....fuuuu-ture for yoooouuuu...." in the chorus, it could be "Theeeee....nuuum-ber four-teeeeenn...." Some that I've thought of? Let's see... "I'll Stop the World...
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    Film and animation series: individual classics

    If there were any Bellhop skits that counted as "individual classics", well...probably the ones about 2, 8, and 10 partly because I remember them the best and partly because these were the trippiest of the Bellhop segments. He gets badly injured in all three of these segments. In # 2, the kids...
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    Why are Elmo, Zoe, Rosita and Baby Bear so annoying to classic SS fans?

    All 4 of those characters were around back when I watched the show (particularly Elmo), but to me they just seem one-dimensional from an adult perspective. It's a shame because Fran Brill and Kevin Clash are both very talented people (I don't know the other two that well). Fran was great as Lily...
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    This one really scared me as a kid: The burning fire and "dramatic" music in this one made this a scary clip for me back in the day. Glad it's finally posted ;)
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    I TOTALLY remember that one! I can see why you'd be scared by it (though I absolutely loved it as a kid). The synthesizer is pretty eerie (plus the way the lamp appears to be assembling ITS OWN SELF!)
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    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    Does anyone have the Gordon Voice-Over Alphabet segments for "F" and/or "R"? Those are the only ones I remember from my youth that have never been posted on the site. Coincidentally, both of those segments kinda scared me (especially "F").
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    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    Well, this completes my "'Sesame Street' skits I was afraid of as a kid that are currently on YouTube" list! It also completes my "list of childhood memories from 'Sesame Street' that have been posted on YouTube - including those currently NOT there like the 'Alligator In My Room' segment"! Well...
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    Top 5 Sesame Street one-liners

    "'Allo gov'! 'Ey, are you the bloke what wants to talk about the Famous London Frog? Well 'ere I am in the froggy flesh! London Frog at your service!" "I go' a brotha' what looks like you! Ol' blighter. Well, I'm off." "Here you are, SIR! I believe this is what you are talking about...SIR...
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    Favorite Sesame Street Skits 90's

    A lot of my fave SS skits from the '90s could probably also count as '80s skits as well since a lot of them came out about 1989/1990: "Sing A Song of 14" "Mother Brown's Farm" "16 Blues" The Animal Dept. Store Elevator songs some of the animations Bruce Cayard did as "ArtistMike" (i.e...
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    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    Yipe! Then SOMEONE has GOT to release every episode of SS Unpaved on DVD!
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    The first 25 years

    SS's "demise" (in my opinion) The true "demise" of Sesame Street for me would be the '90s. 1990 is when it started since that's when Jim Henson and (I think) Joe Raposo died, though some of the number segments from that year were pretty cool like the one where numbers turn into animals...
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    Bellhop clips remind me of the Curious George books

    They've always reminded me of "Tin-Tin", in terms of the animation. "Curious George", eh?...Lemme think.... Desk Clerk: "Bellhop, Zach the zookeeper has sent 12 monkeys that need to be taken care of." Bellhop: "12! 12 Monkeys! 12!" (the 12 monkeys jump out of their cage and attack the...
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    Your Thoughts: Elmo’s Christmas Countdown

    A lot better than I expected... Had it not come on immediately after "Ebert and Roeper" (or whatever it's called now), I wouldn't have even known about this (my mom likes that show). And yes, "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" was a LOT better than I expected. Stiller the Elf (and the snowball), the...
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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Old School Volume 2

    Anyone else surprised about the inclusion of this segment? One of the "bonus" clips is listed as "Magic Pig Calypso Song". I TOTALLY remember that song from my youth, but it doesn't seem to be talked about much here on MuppetCentral and I don't remember it being shown very often either. Anyone...
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    Sesame Street Old School DVD's: Not For Kids

    LOL! I actually have obsessive compulsive disorder (to a small, but significant degree) myself, so I know EXACTLY what you mean about the Count. That's why he's one of my fave characters on SS. Here are some other "quirks" I've found in SS characters - Cookie Monster's like a...