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    Muppets on Austin City Limits?

    I was trying to find Austin City Limits ( a great PBS show) on DVD and came across this link Any one rember that? I missed it. If you want to hear the song they did go to and click on the GPN music player then...
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    Kermit ad in License!

    I get a trade mag. called License! (the ! is part of the name) and saw this full page ad ( I scaned it and put it on my page, it will be up for a couple weeks) As you might ahve guessed by my avitar , Im not thrilled about Disney owning the puppets. Having...
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    Muppet Magnet Set

    Hi Ho :) Over at my web page I have some Muppet Magnet sets for sale. They are listed under "TV and Movie". I hope to have more Muppet stuff soon.
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    Links to commercial web pages?

    I run a small collectables business and from time to time have Muppet items for sale on our web page. Would it be OK to put a message with a link in the Merchandise section? If possible I would like to hear from a moderator on this one. I’m new here and don’t wish to step on any toes. Thanks
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    The Long Arm of the Frog...

    I have a police scanner on my desk and I just heard a cop calling in a plate number. "I-Ida, L-Lincoln, K- Kermit" I found it funny, home some one else will too:)