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    Your Thoughts: Ed Sullivan Muppets Magic DVD

    Great!! We just received it today in the mail from Amazon and it was very entertaining. I liked the skits that were precursors to others on the Muppet Show. I especially like "Octopus's Garden" and "The Rock and Roll Monster." "The Monster Family" was also very funny. Though Ed talking down...
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    What's YOUR wishlist for the Muppet movies figures?

    I think GMC figures of Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie in their reporter gear would be great. They could even come with pet cases: FROG, BEAR, and WHATEVER. A figure of Kermit in the cowboy outfit in TMM would be cool, too. Along with the Giant Animal. :) Nate
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    Sesame Street Character Guide

    Is there a character guide somewhere on the internet for Sesame Street? If so, I'd love to have the url. Thanks Nate
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    Muppet Show DVDs

    I hope so. They're halfway there with 20 volumes. If only they could have a special features DVD with some of the older specials like "Sex and Violence" and the Valentine's Day Special. Nate
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    Muppet Show DVDs

    Thank you muchly.
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    Muppet Show DVDs

    Could someone give me a list of the guests on Vol. 11-15, cause I know they are on VHS? And on 16-20 if known? Thanks Nate :)
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    If you were to recast classic sitcoms with Muppets....

    Designing Women: (for you Mokey fans, and from these posts all of you are) Julia: Mokey Mary Jo: Mokey Charlene: Mokey Anthony: Mokey Bernice: Mokey Suzanne: Piggy (They can't ALL be Mokey) This was all in sarcasm by the way. :) NewsRadio: Bill: Link Hogthrob Dave: Kermit...
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    Favorite Big Bird Moments

    A small, but funny, one was when Big Bird, Elmo, and Gordon were witnessing some firemen rescuing someone from a fire. Gordon says something like, "They're going to use the ladder to get her down." Big Bird responds with, "Good thing they brought it!" That cracks me up. Nate
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    Did Big Bird Ever Fly

    Big Bird also flew on the Simpsons. :) He was going after Homer when he didn't pay his pledge to PBS. It was a great beginning to a great episode. Nate
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    Casting classic musicals with Muppets

    Four More A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM Pseudolous-Gonzo Hero-Kermit Philia-Piggy Hysterium-Fozzie Marcus Lycus-Rizzo Senex-Rowlf Domina-Hilda Erronious-Statler & Waldorf (Switch off) Miles Gloriosus-Link Hogthrob Gymnasia-Janice KISS ME, KATE Fred...
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    Favorite muppet

    I have always been a fan of Frank Oz' work in general. From Animal, who has always been a personal favorite, to Marvin Suggs, who now that I watch the Best of DVDs gets more and more hilarious to Grover and Cookie Monster. There are just so many things that Frank did to take the comedy of the...
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    Entertainment Weekly reviews Kermit's Swamp Years

    Entertainment Weekly reviews Swamp Years Most of the reviews of even good films I have seen given by Entertainment Weekly have been negative. My brother cancelled his subscription because he felt their reviews were too negative. Now that doesn't mean that the Swamp Years will be good, but we...