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  1. NMac

    Noel MacNeal's creating a show for kids of autism & special needs

    Hello all. It is now time for my shameless plug for what I am working on: THE SHOW ME SHOW! The 1st online/downloadable series for kids of autism & special needs. I'd appreciate it if you could share the link with everyone you have ever known in your lifetime...
  2. NMac

    Muppeteer Noel MacNeal writes puppet making book for young and old

    Hi folks! Hope you are all getting to enjoy the holiday season (and staying warm). Being a puppeteer and a dad (of a 5 yr old) I wrote a book of easy puppets kids and their adults can do together called, "10 Mintue Puppets." It has the step-by-steps to making all kinds of simple puppets...