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  1. puppetise

    Who framed Roger Rabbit Puppet

    Hey guys, Its been a long time since i posted. I thought i'd share my roger rabbit puppet Roger with Kathleen Turner (voice of Jessica rabbit)
  2. puppetise

    Felt Fuzz & Madness

    Hey guys I finally compleated my first short film. Let me know what you think.
  3. puppetise

    Kase the cat

    Hey guys just wanted to introduce Kase the cat who will feature soon in my short film "Felt Fuzz & Madness" would love to hear your feedback and the film will be posted when compleated.
  4. puppetise

    New Puppet Video

    hey guys i thought i would post this new video for you lot it was fun making it i did perform this live and i need to get the footage of some one but untill then i recreated it just for you guys
  5. puppetise

    Movie comentaries

    Is any else into this stuff it is quite amusing on some dvds and verry informative on others some times both any one got some favorite movie comentaries? mine a harold and kumar escape G BAY , the incredible hulk, scooby doo
  6. puppetise

    How do you give stock fur matted appearance?

    hey guys and gals just wondering how to give fur a matted look if any one knows can you point me in the right direction
  7. puppetise

    MY new video

    Hey guys have a new video on youtube with my old character Grill havent been around much since my comp crashed but im back and here it is Grill Da Dog Singing tell me what you think Cheers your friendly neighbourhood Puppeteer -wayne-
  8. puppetise

    MERK Singing story of a girl

    My girlfriend was upset so i made THIS for her iput it on youtube for the world to see hope you like it and please i know you can see me in some shots sorry my sisster was filming she helped by operating benny bilby please comment and rate ty guys and girls -your friendly neighbourhood...
  9. puppetise

    Help With news reporter puppet

    hey guys i need some tips on building a news reporter puppet like the ones you see on the street interveiwing im planning on going to the aussie idol audditions in sydney and chatting to people in line what i need help with is the suit and hair he is going to have hair like conan obrian but not...
  10. puppetise

    newest puppet additions

    hey guys my new puppets are here Grill and Cye These are my two new puppets Grill and Cye. Grill is a puppet version of my dog boarder collie,his nose tounge claws & teeth are all sculpty covered with a water proof gloss he is a foam patern head with sculpted foam to build up bits of his face...
  11. puppetise

    canine head

    hey guys and gals i need a helping hand with building a dog head puppet ist got to be realistic boarder collie face if there is any one with any ideas please post this puppet needs to be done in 7 days!
  12. puppetise

    Puppet Head Help

    hey guys i need some help im building a puppet of me and its going to have a head simmilar to nicky from avenue q but i have built several heads and with no sucsses i tried the round head pattern but its not really workng any tips
  13. puppetise

    my animatronic puppet

    this is just a test of the mouth mech works good and compleatly in time chec it out here cheers -wayne-
  14. puppetise


    hey im building a animatronic puppet and i have sevos and all the bits and peices but the :confused: servos are too loud how can i quiet them down
  15. puppetise

    newest puppet Ruff

    my newest puppet has just been compleated his name is ruff check it out RUFF :)
  16. puppetise

    I'm going to Puppet Up in Sydney

    yay i actualy snagged a good seat to puppet up in sydney in march woo and close to the stage and in the middle of the audience sorry if i sound like im gloating its just soo kool
  17. puppetise

    forgot somthing important

    hey guys i feel real bad today iour whole family forgot my dads birthday and when i saw him cry in his room it was the 1st time i saw him cry i felt realy bad but no one else seems to feel thae same way why is it that every one dosnt feel realy bad but i do:cry:
  18. puppetise

    berts head

    ok im trying to build a puppet head like berts but the leaf pattern isnt working any sugestions
  19. puppetise

    ebay puppet

    hey look what i found by JB puppets he looks great
  20. puppetise

    puppet eyes blues

    im planing a character like earnie but smaller i need eyes like earnies but plastic sppons around here dot seam right i look at labrats characters with those type eyes and think what are they made of any suggestions on how.............. low bugget please all the best -wayne-