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  1. hal

    Where can I find Muppet Babies as an Online Stream?

    Hi, I've been AWOL for awhile now, and managed to cut the cord since going AFK. Anyway, I got myself a Roku and have been finding all sorts of awesome shows/channels to watch. My question is this...Is there any possible way that I could find Muppet Babies available for streaming on some kind...
  2. hal

    Wanted: Muppet Babies eps

    I love this show from when I was a kid, and I would love to have it now. I'm looking for the complete collection, btw. Please help.
  3. hal

    muppet babies

    Does anyone have every episode? If so would you be willing to sell me a copy? Needs to be R1 NTSC. Please reply.
  4. hal

    Looking for Muppet Babies

    Does anyone have the entire collection of Muppet Babies? I doubt they will ever be released on DVD, because of the use of the movie clips. PLEASE REPLY! :confused:
  5. hal

    Looking for Emmit Otter unedited

    Hi, I'm looking for an unedited copy of Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas on DVD. If anyone has this, Please tell me. :D
  6. hal

    Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas

    I am looking for a copy of the original uncut airing of this. I would prefer it be copied on DVD. Please HELP!!! :)
  7. hal

    Looking for specials

    I am looking for the original/uncut versions of: "Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas" "The Christmas Toy". Please Help.
  8. hal

    Muppet Babies on TV

    Does Muppet Babies still come on the Hallmark Channel? If so, where could I get more info? :confused:
  9. hal

    Looking for originals

    I'm looking for the original uncut versions of: John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together Rocky Mountain Holiday Emmet Otters Jug-band Christmas Can anyone help?
  10. hal

    The Christmas Toy Question

    When is The Christmas Toy coming to DVD?