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    Puppeteer "Chairs"

    I vaguely remember Swazzle puppets (or maybe it was another group?) posting something on their blog that looked like the thing in the drawing below.
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    Puppeteer "Chairs"

    I remember seeing these wooden ones that looks like apples boxes wiht casters and tilting back support.
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    Puppeteer "Chairs"

    Hey Everyone! I'm back from the dead. Although I've been working on puppetry projects since 2005, my online presence has been nil. My question is about those funky rolling chairs with the tilted backs and casters. Anyone know where I could find more info on them. Maybe find a picture or plans...
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    Animatronic Instructable

    Thought this might be of interest:
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    I'm looking for one of these types of pins with the back clip only with the pin being longer to go through foam or several layers of fabric. Anyone ever see anything like this?
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    New to Puppet Making.

    Well, Scott Foam is much more durable than regular upholstery foam. I' suggest putting Scott Foam in the places where the puppet would get the most wear since it can take more of a beating. Also bear in mind that upholstery foam puppets need to be stored in airtight if you want them to last.
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    Signs and Poster Photos for our Theater

    I'm crazy bout the 3 pigs movie style poster. Having posters like that outside a puppet theater showcasing upcoming shows is brilliant!
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    Moving Eyes Mechanism work in progress

    I'd buy one.
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    Pics of Nearly Finished Reporter Kermit

    Awesome work.
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    Spray on Fabric?

    Found this on Gizmodo: I wonder what the applications could be with regard to puppet building?
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    Make Money With Puppets! new eBook by Paul Louis

    Any plans on publishing a hard copy book? I don't like to buy ebooks but would definitely pay for an actual book. If not, try
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    Beaker replica

    Great job! I'm curious to see how smooth the head ducking action is...
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    Help needed for puppet web page[uniq_id]&pcrid=5317288353&gclid=CL_I3oag5KICFUJx5Qodmm06xA
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    Looking for an Arnold Shwartzenegger puppet for $75.00 or less

    Can anyone build an Ahnold puppet for me for $75 bucks or less. i've never been good at caricatures.
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    Lady Gaga and Obama puppets

    How much I would pay would depend on how much the puppet actually looked like lady Gaga. I'm actually in the market for an Arnold Schwarzenegger puppet, but I can't afford anything over $75.00
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    Photo Puppet Maintenance Advice

    The molting is probably because he's being handled too much. The friction between peoples hands and the fleece causes it to pill. With Antron fleece on real puppets the maintenance end involves shaving the pilly fleece, I don't know If I'd do that with a MR Kermit. The dust on Gonzo can only be...
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    Steve the Vampire Returns!

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    Homemade Puppets

    Great stuff! For someone whose doing this on the side, you've proven to be quite skilled!
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    Foam book is okay. I reccomend ProjectPuppet Patterns as a basic template to work off of.