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  1. shtick

    Puppeteer "Chairs"

    Hey Everyone! I'm back from the dead. Although I've been working on puppetry projects since 2005, my online presence has been nil. My question is about those funky rolling chairs with the tilted backs and casters. Anyone know where I could find more info on them. Maybe find a picture or plans...
  2. shtick

    Animatronic Instructable

    Thought this might be of interest:
  3. shtick


    I'm looking for one of these types of pins with the back clip only with the pin being longer to go through foam or several layers of fabric. Anyone ever see anything like this?
  4. shtick

    Spray on Fabric?

    Found this on Gizmodo: I wonder what the applications could be with regard to puppet building?
  5. shtick

    Looking for an Arnold Shwartzenegger puppet for $75.00 or less

    Can anyone build an Ahnold puppet for me for $75 bucks or less. i've never been good at caricatures.
  6. shtick

    Michael Earl Workshop in NYC on 3.27.2010

    **Mistake in title. Not 3.27.2010. It was 3.26.2010 Hey, Just wanted to talk about my experience at the Michael Earl Workshop I went to last Friday. Michael's way of teaching had a baby step approach which was great because it allowed us to progress rapidly within the short time we had to...
  7. shtick

    Half sphere eyes

    I know this might sound very amateurish when it comes to building but I feel I need to ask. When attaching a half sphere eye to a puppets head (say half a ping pong ball or Christmas ornament) what is the best way to do it? I've been punching tiny holes on the edges and sewing them into...
  8. shtick

    Photographing Antron Fleece

    I've always noticed this but I haven't started thinking about it until now. When I photograph a puppet covered in antron fleece using a flash, I get this shiny reflection of the fibers. When I don't use a flash, it has more of a pilly fleece look. Problem is when I don't use a flash, my...
  9. shtick

    Other muppet fabrics?

    Are there any there fabrics used by the Henson workshop for characters' other than fleece and fur? What are the whatnots covered in?
  10. shtick

    Full-Bodied Muppet Mechanics?

    I've seen a post here or there about Full-Bodied Muppet mechanics of moving both arms. Is there a diagram or some kind of description as to how to assemble such a mechanism/ I'm hoping to build a full body character.
  11. shtick

    Borsa Pattern Review?

    Anybody purchase the recent addition to the Project Puppet Monstro Series, The Borsa Pattern? I'm personally waiting for the whole series to buy them together, but I'm curious if anyone picked it up yet and what they think of it.
  12. shtick

    Best online price for scott foam

    Anyone know where the cheapest place online is to buy scott foam?
  13. shtick

    Training DVDs

    Has anyone bought or seen PuppetsInc's training DVDs? Are they any good? They offer a set of six for 100 or each individual for 20. I'd spend the cash if this stuff was worth buying. Is it?
  14. shtick

    Free NON Christian Puppet Scripts?

    Are there any places online that have free puppet scripts that aren't Christian themed? I'm just looking for ordinary scripts about brushing teeth and sharing and stuff. Not Bible stories.
  15. shtick

    Camilla's Feathers?

    This question is for everyone, but particularly ravage since hes worked on Camillas before. What are Camillas covered in? Are they white foam with feathers on top? White fur with feathers? Are there sheets of feathered fabric that are used?
  16. shtick

    Sound effect Foot pedal

    Hey all, I'm looking for a foot pedal board with about 10 to 20 switches that I can program sound effects into. When I press each individual switch I get a different sound effect. I've seen pedals that can program 1 or 2 sounds. I need more than that in one unit. Anyone know of such a thing?
  17. shtick

    Puppet Price Calculation

    I like to use's price calculator but the site seems to be down. Anyone ever charge a client for a puppet when they supply all the materials? I have a similar situation. Need ideas.
  18. shtick


    I've recently done some puppetry in an outdoor setting and found myself on my knees for most of the time to get a good shot of the puppet interacting with people. By the end of the day my thigh muscles were trembling with soreness. Anyone else have this problem? Is it better to get one of...
  19. shtick

    Henson Chicken Beaks?

    Anyone know what the Henson Chicken beaks are made of?
  20. shtick

    Too young for puppets?

    I've been noticing that kids between 1 and 3 yrs of age are sometimes freaked out by puppets. I've had more than one occasion where kids in this age group burst into tears if the puppet got close to them. Some do some don't. Any thoughts on handling the situation other than the whole "Let the...