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  1. douggy

    The World of Jim Henson Book

    hello there, I was at the London Book Fair recently and saw a book at a stand called 'the world of Jim Henson'. I've searched it but found nothing. The book itself was a dummy version which looked like it was being worked on but the thing was huge. Flicked through it and it had a load of old...
  2. douggy

    My collection...

  3. douggy

    Douggy's Muppet Art

    new one I did of Rowlf recently..Might do a few more if I have time.
  4. douggy

    Electric Mayhem Cartoon

  5. douggy

    Rainbow Connection

    Hello there, here's a drawing I did of Kermit recently...Thought I'd share it with like minded folks here... Cheers! Douggy
  6. douggy

    my front room

  7. douggy

    Puppet Video

    Hello there, I don't often post on here but I have recently made a music video which has puppets in. For an australian band called 'The Potbelleez'. Hope you like it :) douglas
  8. douggy


    Not sure if any of you guys are interested, but I made a puppet show in my bedroom last summer. 5 episodes in total, can be seen here Http:// I got a few puppets especially made, in the Henson style. One by this guy have a...