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  1. Mary Louise

    A poem by Cotterpin Doozer

    Before I get on with the poem.... Okay, okay, I understand why Mokey and Cotterpin never met. They were both performed by Kathryn Mullen. Still, as far as I’m concerned, it wouldn’t have been impossible. Dave Goelz performed Boober and Sidebottom, who would interact with each other. According...
  2. Mary Louise

    Invasion of the Toe Ticklers

    Today I was thinking about the episode “Invasion of the Toe Ticklers,” where Mokey was in the Gorgs’ garden and met a caterpillar-like creature that enjoyed tickling her toes. She named the creature Agnes and called her species Toe Ticklers. Meanwhile, Ma wanted Pa to use a sprayer full of...
  3. Mary Louise

    The Brothers Quay

    Remember the short films made by the Brothers Quay? Here's one I found on YouTube. I'm trying to remember one that involves some kids. I think one of them may have been named Rachel. As I recall, they were riding something, maybe bicycles or skateboards. Or maybe one of them was on skates...
  4. Mary Louise

    Most Heartwarming Fraggle Moments

    I’ve noticed a thread for the funniest Fraggle moments, one for the scariest Fraggle moments, one for the most tear-jerking Fraggle moments, and even one for the most painful Fraggle moments. What about one for the most heartwarming Fraggle moments? When did Fraggle Rock make you feel just a...
  5. Mary Louise

    What Will Wembley Wear?

    The idea for this came to me years ago, when I was in my twenties. It’s loosely based on a story I read when I was a kid. What Will Wembley Wear? Winter was here. Wembley could tell by the way his nose tingled when he stuck it out from under the covers. “Brrr!” he said, sticking it back...
  6. Mary Louise

    Friends with a Fraggle

    If you could meet the Fraggles, which of them would you strike up the closest friendship with? For me, it would be Boober, because I worry a lot. He knows all about that. :sigh:
  7. Mary Louise

    Fave quotes

    I thought we could use a new thread for favorite Fraggle Rock quotes. Here are two to start with. From The Preachification of Convincing John, after Mokey has made her friends take the Solemn Oath of the Fraggle “never to willfully eat or destroy Doozer buildings again.” Gobo: Aww, let me just...
  8. Mary Louise

    The Solemn Oath of the Fraggle

    “Weeba weeba, waffa waffa, garpox gumbage, whoopee!” These are the words to the Solemn Oath of the Fraggle. Here is an example of how it is used: In “The Preachification of Convincing John,” Mokey believes that eating Doozer constructions hurts the Doozers’ feelings, and she tells her friends...
  9. Mary Louise

    I’m Near! I’m Far!

    Just thought I’d post a transcription of this little animated bit I remember from years ago. Corrections are welcome. Oh, and as I recall, the announcer is female. Announcer: The Sesame Street Vaudeville Theater takes pride in presenting “Near and Far”! [Standing on the stage are two men...
  10. Mary Louise

    Memorable guest star moments

    What bits with guest stars stick out in your mind the most? It doesn't have to be a favorite. It can be something that left you scared, mad, confused, or even stunned. Appearances by Victor Borge always bring me a chuckle, but this one all but sends me out of the room holding my sides:
  11. Mary Louise

    Big Bird and the Bus Stop

    This sketch has been running through my head for quite a few days. Anybody remember it? Big Bird sees a “Bus Stop” sign and thinks it says “Bus, Stop,” so he keeps yelling at every bus that comes along to stop, then doesn’t get on any of them. One of the adults eventually sets hims straight...
  12. Mary Louise

    There’s More Than One Way For a Family to Be

    Does anyone remember a song with the recurring line: “There’s more than one way for a family to be”? As I recall, Susan and Gordon sang it, and there may have been images of different kinds of families. Any corrections and/or additions would be very much appreciated! Very vague memories of some...
  13. Mary Louise

    Want to buy a paper bag?

    Does anyone remember seeing this sketch in English?
  14. Mary Louise

    Where-It’s-At Hats

    The other day, I was thinking about different kinds of clothes and accessories. It was then that the following Big Bird sketch suddenly came to mind: One day, Big Bird sees some Anything Muppets wearing hats with streamers that hang down, covering their faces. They tell Big Bird they’re called...
  15. Mary Louise

    Oscar’s “NO” machine

    Here’s a sketch that I remember from a long time ago. Not sure if it was from the 70’s or 80’s, and I don’t even recall who was in it besides Oscar. I know that Oscar was showing his latest invention: a machine that answered questions. One of the adults (a guy, I believe) asked, “Isn’t it a...
  16. Mary Louise

    Quit blowing on my neck!

    Okay, this is a pretty silly sketch, even for Sesame Street. But that’s what I like about it. Anyway, my memories of it are vague, so any corrections would be appreciated. I know the sketch involves Uncle Wally and two other people—Bob and Olivia, if I remember correctly. Uncle Wally sneaks up...
  17. Mary Louise

    Jogging Song

    I have been searching and searching for a video of this song, with no luck. But I'm hoping someone will at least remember the title. It's a live-action film that shows a bunch of people jogging while voices sing in the background. But what I'll always remember is seeing Oscar's feet sticking...
  18. Mary Louise

    Want to buy a snowman, Ernie?

    Does anyone remember seeing this in English?
  19. Mary Louise

    Kermit/Cookie Monster pledge-drive sketch

    I seem to recall a sketch, from the 197o’s or 1980’s, that was made for a pledge drive. In it, Kermit was telling viewers the prices of various pieces of equipment needed to make Sesame Street happen (such as the cameras). As Kermit talked about each piece, Cookie Monster ate it! :insatiable:
  20. Mary Louise

    Grover on ice

    I remember a sketch from many years ago, starring Grover and Kermit. As I recall, though, Kermit wasn’t seen at all; I only heard his voice. He said something like this: “And now Grover is going to show us ‘near’ and ‘far’ on his ice skates!” Grover skated close to the camera (or was he...