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  1. PuppetMaster

    April Fools: Jason Segal wants no more muppet movies

    how can he think that???? I mean, he said he loved them.. he also said another thing too. APRIL FOOLS!!!
  2. PuppetMaster

    Muppet Sticks

    Notice in like The Muppet Show and The Muppet Movie, the Muppets have sticks too move they're arms. I think in Muppet films from 1999+ they don't...well, they do. But you can't see them. Just wondering...since I'm a new fan...How do they do that? :D
  3. PuppetMaster

    New Book: Jim Henson:The Man who Played with Puppets

    Everything in the book describes jim henson's life story and the muppet show,sam and friends and everything.It's a pretty new book.Have you read it??
  4. PuppetMaster

    Mini-Muppets on eBay

    On eBay they have muppets.....but....ONLY LIKE FOUR INCHES TALL!!!Jeez,my hand got trapped in one!:o
  5. PuppetMaster

    Muppet what not workshop

    That thing is super cool!It costs a lot for just a muppet but it's pretty cool!
  6. PuppetMaster

    My New Fascination with Muppets!

    Suddenly,after seeing the movie....I've realized something.....MUPPETS RULE!I used to think they were creepy but now I know they are lovable(most) and fun puppets!:)